From the tenderness of the encounter of nternet entrepreneurs why more and more difficult

April 26th, a paper judgment to the heart of the Internet startups to pour a cool.

day, Beijing Haidian District City People’s court sentenced the accused guilty of unfair competition and the plaintiff, Sina micro-blog awarded 2 million yuan of economic losses. Earlier, at the beginning of 2015, Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog users to grab the head, tenderness of illegal name, occupation and education information on the grounds of unfair competition will own the prosecution to the court.


from the tenderness of the encounter of Internet entrepreneurs why more and more difficult

court held that the requirements for registered users to upload mobile phone mail list and contact software, corresponding relationship between the user and illegal access to relevant contacts in Sina micro-blog, these people as "once tenderness users contacts to display, and grasp its Sina micro-blog illegal occupation information, education information display. The defendant did not delete the above information in a timely manner, the harm to Sina micro-blog user information security, constitute unfair competition.

based on the mobile phone contacts and social networking relationships, has become the current mainstream, regardless of SNS, health sports, and even question and answer community, as long as there is a place where the community, the relationship between the chain is extremely normal import. Tenderness was convicted of unfair competition of the news, the business circles of people also have tenderness grievance, in a large platform’s ambitious programming, Internet hit the road of entrepreneurship are narrower, user acquisition costs more and more high, with a large platform of cooperation more and more difficult to obtain equal rights.

said the well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalist Horowitz once summed up his pioneering course: "as CEO more than 8 years, only 3 days is good, the rest of the 8 years almost all is difficult." But for the China start-up enterprise leader, entrepreneurship is more a close call.

"unfair competition" the right and wrong

startups should not use third party login system?

The reason

this lawsuit from Sina and micro-blog have started talking about cooperation of tenderness.

November 2013, the newly established less than a month of tenderness and Sina micro-blog reached a cooperation relationship. Authorized by Sina micro-blog, users can visit the tenderness by micro-blog account. Of course, in addition to micro-blog third party login system, but also the establishment of independent tenderness is independent of the user login system, also can register directly into the user through the mobile phone number of tenderness.

and product design intention, is trying to integrate the user’s mobile phone address book, through the background of the mining algorithm, each complete connections, and automatically calculate once contacts or two degree connections, depict the user real social graph. Therefore, through the Sina micro-blog account login, either through information on the platform to enhance the synchronization of their products exposure rate, but also can obtain the user authorized by the fans, friends, and targeted marketing.


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