The past year, in addition to death and do not turn over Ctrip Travel circle there are manyHow to us

these days and the traditional tourism industry that combine the leading group, in 2016, by the consumer to upgrade the East, raised the content, IP, cross signs, and began self subversion, even if they are in a lot of budding entrepreneurs eyes object should be subverted.

rubbish: something that is of little value to people. Garbage is just misplaced resources. A site if not what value to the user, it will be called the garbage station, a lot of garbage piled together into a dumpster, if the owners use these misplaced resources, if you make it to the following Wangzhuan? You know,

to content, services, and users has been the theme of online travel in 2016. 2017 quietly, hovering in the tourism market haze has not yet receded, either Nongchao or investors, will face more unknown test.

webmaster will be very busy every day, sometimes also want to lazy, since it is garbage, then don’t go to maintenance >

‘s return to content, services, and users help entrepreneurs rebuild their passion?

2016 is a bittersweet year tourism circle.

"I’ve got a good mentality now. We can make a profit first and live well. The pattern is the thing behind it.". "Bell morning in the tourism circle in the roll for nearly two years, has been living in OTA crevice, the company faces several times hopeless situation, and now he will not be on the background plate, and then plan how to subvert the OTA.".

in the 2016, survival or destruction, is a lot of people in the current era of the people, can not choose the proposition. In the field of entrepreneurship, whether it is fueled, or coerced former walker, have learned enough lessons. Buubuu travel CEO clock morning feeling a lot.

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Liang Jianzhang’s "retirement" and Ctrip’s profitability have become a major year-end event for online travel in 2016. After the dust settles, online tourism flourishing, still only attributable to Ctrip, flying pig, Beauty Group reviews, ant nest, poor travel, the way cattle, donkey mother, the way home…..

editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public number "B block 12 building" ID:B1-12F, the author Gao Mengyang.

four, garbage collection also needs to maintain

day anxious clock morning, aimed at "uncharted waters, live video content + tourism", go in. Test for more than half a year, near death "not going to travel through the pain after 2016, continue to search for the possibility of the outbreak.

station crazy group to do, whether you can search not related to garbage sites found in the search engines what. You say this will achieve effect? Of course, the point of entering the flow is not, and at the same time things to see more people, natural visibility has improved. Keywords garbage station how to choose, in my opinion, it is rubbish station, then we do not consider what gorgeous modified, straightforward better, for example, to earn the money men, we must understand what the man’s mental thought, men have nothing to do, will find what pastime. Here is not to say that the main keyword should be simple and clear, can achieve the effect, we must learn to use the popular keywords.

The Does

but more start-up companies, but not necessarily have such tenacity and luck.

Amoy on the road, the balloon travel weekend where to play. A large number of tourist…… startups, fell in the Shura field this piece of bloodshed in tourism.

one, garbage collection will also pay attention to the user experience


three, garbage station group building a large number of registered domain name

hundreds of teams, hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, but also with the entrepreneurial circle bubble burst together. In 2013, the rapid growth of tourism entrepreneurship, passion has only lasted for just 2 years.

The return of

content of the dumpster is basically a copy and paste up something, you may ask, are actually collected, are useless for users, but also pay attention to the experience? This is certainly to pay attention to the user experience is indispensable for SEO users love the landscape. The search engine will also love the. Station at the time of collection, are also collected and their stations content related things, do not deviate too far, do not do subtraction class website, updated every day clothes content, then this website is not simply a waste dump. If you want to make money, you have to grab the user’s heart and see what they want, you give them what they collect, and what you collect won’t be K.

two, keyword to choose good

although tourism has changed from luxury to the public lifestyle, but the enthusiasm of the Chinese people travel enthusiasm did not bring much real good for the industry.


in order to earn more money, it is necessary to register a large number of domain names, to find free domain name is better, you can reduce a fee. At the same time to register the domain name space, also note: you cannot use the same IP, you cannot use the same information, station group effect is very good, but the search engine to know after a station by K, will also affect the weight of other stations, and the domestic host has real record, this kind of will you build the station group, here recommend the use of foreign free hosting, owners can choose to host ixwebhosting, free domain registration, independent IP, it Chinese station, here is not to say. The most important thing is to ensure that the domain name and the independent IP will be fine.


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