Good fishing search engine who moved the heart

two: and not put the psychological strategy of

: a change not depart from the optimization rules of

search engine optimization rules, always elusive. However, it is because of the mystery, it appeared many "daydream" theory, and even some absurd fallacy "". The optimization rules properly, the website ranking surging ahead, but if the optimization fails, or is doomed eternally. So the search engine "theory" has begun "transition practice" faction. However, in many exploration, why today, people still want to explore Shanghai dragon rules through? In fact, the more search engine is in the manufacture of one illusion to confuse the Shanghai dragon Er, confused webmaster. So in a time of future seemingly accidental updates, but always has its inevitable. Good fishing in the search engine, who moved the string? As a webmaster, how to deal with the optimization of the overwhelming? The author of a discussion as follows:


search engine always has a strange temper, clear over the site, clear information will be indexed, but refused to put the content and put out the chain included. Or even just a collection of content, will be confiscated back again. Why? For the latter, we usually defined as "two audit". While the former is more similar to the webmaster search engine is a "psychological plan", to test the webmaster "patience and confidence". Why? With the new station, often be included after the contents of the display, but a week ago, or more content, this long show that the search engine will indeed had a collection of things "". Then the search engine is how to put content out? Because >

website optimization, relying on search engine rules of exploration, so as to develop a website itself in line with search engine rules scheme. People often say, ten thousand sites with tens of thousands of optimization scheme, the fact is that so? I want to say is that Shanghai dragon Er is not God, nor make the optimization scheme so much. The so-called "geometric times" is only in the basis of the details of the adjustment, website optimization with the trend, which is always wrong. Therefore, in website optimization, as a webmaster need not consider website optimization is not conform to the rules of the search engine, and random revision, modified optimization scheme. Why say so? Before a friend, the site itself is the first keyword ranking, but in a big update, and spirit, so they thought of a website to recover, but the subsequent ranking once again unable to get up after a fall. Website problems, no cheating factors, has nothing to do with the trend, checking the details of problems is more important! Such as: URL, wrong is right down, removed the chain link. Or there is a kind of performance, such as on the server problem in the short term or short-term factors affect the site’s ranking, then, as a webmaster should be more rational understanding of search engine optimization rules. To master two words "calm" here, perhaps is a joke also said that the search engine is not good, should not move the webmaster heart.


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