890 times a year to improve the core algorithm change from day to day Google search

4, universal search: sometimes the best search results is not text, if you search for John · Kennedy’s "Moon" speech, you may want to watch the president that published the famous speech video. We made this possible, in the search results in the integration of a variety of types of content, so you can get the most relevant information, regardless of format.

2009, Google has said in the past year to search for 350 times to 400 times improvement; 2010 also said that over the past year were 550 times improvement. In 2010, the famous Google Engineer Matt · Katz (Matt Cutts) in a video said, every day they are on a modified core search algorithm. In addition, Google will test every day hundreds of changes, but only a part can be put into use.

1, automatically: We developed a way to let you in the Google input process to predict the most likely words and phrases, and even instant loading search results, so that the user can quickly obtain "silky gourd soup" ginger the perfect recipe. The input word is out of date.

2, translation: ten years ago, Google translation is only a product test. Today, the 80 languages use the service people every day for more than 1 billion times.

6, voice search: enter the complex search term is gone, and now you can put questions to the Google search application voice. Check the weather, you do not need to lose.

Singer Hal mentioned in the 890 noble baby + improved many times refers to the search business, not only includes the search algorithm, including user interface, automatic completion of the noble baby Now etc.. In addition, Hal Singer also introduced since 2004 Google search ten milepost event ", as the Google listed 10th anniversary anniversary. The following is the Singer Hall of ten major milepost event:

3, direction and traffic: the past search is a search page, but our map products make the real world possible search. Now you can ask: "how to go to Santa Cruz?" and then click walking, cycling, public transport or driving the starting point, you can get the most efficient route to avoid traffic congestion, road.

5, mobile and new screen: no matter what device you use or which platform, whether it is intelligent mobile phone or tablet computer, or even a watch, you need information and answers. So, we search for a variety of new equipment adjustment, including re design of mobile products etc..

Tencent Francisco August 21st (micro-blog), Google search business leader Emmet · Singer (Amit Singhal), the noble baby + published, in the last year alone, Google has made more than 890 times improvement of search.


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