A hefty pay tuition up to love Shanghai bidding core strategy

I work in a machinery company, is mainly responsible for the management of the company, Shanghai love love Shanghai auction, bidding on the consumption of 5K to 10 thousand. Get an average of 20 to 40 enquiries every day. Is your boss before bidding management, the small size of the company, a lot of tuition, spend a lot of money, then invited Love Shanghai bidding management, budget control, plus a lot of words, improves the amount of information, the rapid development of the company, built a new factory, the output value of 100 million. This to some of the machinery industry practitioners Shanghai sex bidding summary of some of his own strategy.

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to sum up, our day promotion account from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., night promotion account time is 5 pm to 10 pm, at the time the account is extended from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.. The day set the price high, the evening set price for half of the day, at the price set to a minimum. This money will not appear blank promotion time.

2, we divided the day and night promotion promotion account, account, why, because the day is very fierce competition, price is very high, so the competition of the general budget to 5 pm will run out, or some other manufacturers will run out of money, money is the basic position of the top three will be a lot of use if we use the day at night, the promotion account, or by keyword day price is very deficient, so set the price lower than during the day and night promotion account a lot.

3, also a lot of people will only extend to 12 at night, or from 5 in the afternoon after some small factories did not run out of money ranked up, these manufacturers generally at around 10 p.m. will run out of money. So this time we opened a morning promotion period, get the lowest price, is set phrase matching, through love’s Shanghai bridge automatic message will get some information inquiry.

1, we first need to determine some of the core keywords, is set to match exactly, if more money can be set for matching phrases. Do not set widely, otherwise it is a waste of money, all of a sudden burn, level off.

2, we can use the local province name + core keywords, regional capital name + core keywords, core keywords + price + core keywords offer other word + core keywords. For example, the core keywords, dry cleaning machine, dry cleaning machine is the combination of Wuhan, Hubei dry cleaning machine, dry cleaning machine, dry cleaning machine price, so that no matter which province you search, the core keywords which city can be found, but also the core keywords price, core keywords quotation can be a lot of traffic.

on the choice of keywords, there are also some need to pay attention to

1, we have two love Shanghai website promotion, a domain name is xxx贵族宝贝, one is xxx贵族宝贝.cn the benefits of doing so is not a time to charge money, or ranking fluctuations, or the site open, you can always enable another promotion, does not affect the promotion, the user miss.


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