From the analysis of website structure Shanghai dragon value win where

1. navigation arrangement to accurately with the user’s habits of

3. according to the user’s habits to display

said the website structure this is probably a piece of Shanghai dragon Er are most familiar, including the URL, web site navigation, page layout, keyword layout, title settings and so on are very familiar with the search engine, why would you favor? Foundation and reinforced frame structure is built with the same site is also important.

then I will give an example, I hope there is a need for partners to help.

so in the website structure, the value of Shanghai dragon

in this Shanghai dragon er who can take some time to analyze, don’t think I think is right, it still needs navigation data and the user can come to a conclusion, can ask some users to understand, or look at the background of statistical data can be, must be attached the user’s habits.

must stand in the user needs perspective layout of the navigation order, most users want to know what, to the primary consideration, not to rely on what is the most profitable business in the first place.

2. no user demand content can not

here is the need to show the answer includes the idea of optimization for

in the layout of the site navigation should pay attention to several issues:


is for some of the optimization of the navigation, of course, maybe you know, so in the end the Shanghai dragon do what point to win

3. additional requirements of According to the important sequence of value?

this is like a beautiful face, you say the important? Jane Shanghai dragon thought is also very important, if can let users on your site have a good feeling, it’s a pleasant thing.

2. navigation to design beautiful

: how to optimize the site navigation structure

site navigation site in the design has been planning how to design and layout, this is an important step, is to determine what are the contents of the website to show users, users want to see content in? Will directly influence the user first impression of your site. Very important.

win where?

when the user solves the A demand, want to know the B requirements, if the site.


navigation ?

is the first in the design of navigation home page, contact us, put on the company as such, the middle arranged according to the first, they have to respect the user in this custom

is like some columns and the needs of users will not take the side of the navigation need not put up, like manufacturers dynamic, business news, announcements etc..


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