How soft text creation is the first condition of continued accumulation of high yield and high effic

webmaster know, self digestion and integration of information on the Internet, is the core of our channels of the source material, so the observation and thinking for us is very important. However, the information has to be highly sensitive to the shape, the accumulation of information, found that this thing is more important than to observe. This is a test of everyone’s mind, you know the skills, how to tap the writing material, knowing is not enough. The Internet information is constantly changing, so can’t three days fishing nets drying for two days, give yourself a goal and plan, only to persist continuously accumulation, will it be possible to achieve a qualitative leap, A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon and Phoenix zhenduan/) think it is essential to maintain the conditions of high content the quality of sustained high yield and high efficiency.

accumulation can better pseudo original

many webmaster feel excited each article own needs an inspiration, or a theme of enlightenment. In fact, this idea is wrong, a good network coding can not have such thoughts, the content of the website is not literature, not literary route, do not feel inspired to write. The so-called soft writing inspiration is based entirely on a daily basis on the usual accumulation, but this is a long process. Vice versa, if the cumulative amount of not long time, many messages can not become useful information in your eyes or pen, there is no so-called words of inspiration and theme. If the inspiration, generally all can complete all the original, regardless of the content or views are thought to stimulate, and theme is to see some of the theme, that can be used, can use the Internet to find relevant information through their own language organization, do article through rich content, various aspects of the structure are reasonable. It also can make a full text. So the accumulation is after all is said and done, omit steps.

observation and thinking ability to accumulate

Only source of daily accumulation of inspiration and theme

on the network every day is filled with a lot of information analysis for the novice webmaster, a variety of techniques for high quality original content, which is mainly aimed at the site daily updating of the soft writing it. Soft writing is indeed a skill at all, however, each software writers routes are different, and the writing skill itself is limited, opened between the owners and owners or distance people’s perseverance, do you seriously to accumulate the things you need, determines your success. You can go to learn skills, and no material, can go, do not know how to integrate, thinking, and these works can only take the time to accumulate, to show good results. The amount of accumulation to a certain extent, to complete the qualitative leap.

pseudo original many times in fact than the original difficulties, it is always the A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon diagnosis team View >


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