After the line on the website how to improve the efficiency of operation of website optimization

key: site layout structure and layout of the

website optimization is part of the website operation, a website from the start line to the site to achieve profitability is a process, and the operation of the line on the website Web site optimization has become a headache thing many webmaster, because most of the webmaster website optimization is just a vague concept, they are not able to achieve normal to optimize your web site.

face difficulty of optimization webmaster, the site optimization steps to do a detailed description of some, I believe I can help to improve the efficiency of part of the webmaster website optimization, in order to achieve their own website optimization, the following detailed talk after the line on the website how to operate the web site optimization to improve the efficiency of the site.

site as much as possible with reasonable layout, with the escalation of love Shanghai algorithm, now a part of the construction site outside the chain is in the extreme, as a webmaster to reasonable distribution chain, such as the chain structure is now best to master station 80%, 20% main forum and don’t let the forum outside the chain occupied chain >

The chain layout of the chainThe structure and layout of the

the domain name of the website in general to choose COM or CN. The domain name of the website and the best simple, which is beneficial to the user memory. But when choosing the best domain name covers the website keywords, so you can make the search engine the first time to enhance the website ranking, so as to lay the foundation for a good ranking site.


host directly affects the web page loading speed, according to the nature of webmaster want to site content to select the host, if the users are mainly domestic users, so it is best to choose the host or server hire domestic, and in the choice of the host must pay attention to the stability and speed of opening, not every two or three days downtime with the open speed slow, slow loading phenomenon, this phenomenon once will affect the website in search engine impression.

no matter how do we go to the operation of website optimization, but there is a fundamental problem in website optimization before the three basic optimization that is the site of the domain name, space and program. The domain name and website space is to ensure the premise of website optimization, website optimization up on a large scale is focus on basic optimization, if you are not able to do the three step optimization, then our optimization is equal to you, in the face of the three basic site optimization, as a general ordinary individual stationmaster we will be in the choice of time:

website is like a tree of heaven, not the case cannot but not easy to modify the structure, layout of the site as much as possible to meet the user experience of the website, the best use of structure map website, web spider climb on the map, so that the layout of the site showed a good structure, in order to ensure the overall site.

website optimization based three: domain name, host, program

The performance of the


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