DEDECMS system optimization of Shanghai dragon URL directory

automatic generation system in URL mode

did Shanghai dragon should know, love in Shanghai search engine, the weight of a page is reduced with the increasing of the directory. In general, under the same conditions, the weight of a web site directory will be higher than the weight of the two category. Now the mainstream website system in the online sharing, in order to facilitate the management, in most of the settings page address several directory. Also said that in the love of Shanghai "Shanghai Longfeng recommendations", website of URL should not be too long. So when we optimize the internal web site, first URL clipping, also is to reduce the directory page in the series is easy to manage at the same time. Another is the static pages into the directory page, can further enhance the weight of the inside pages. Following on from the prairie wolf to share URL optimization techniques dedecms.

is the same before and after the article page after optimization for the URL contrast:

Optimization of .

URL can be further shortened to:

if you do not know what can I exchange QQ group: 119707375

just put the naming rules into {aid}/index.html or /{aid}.html. This is equivalent to the article made a directory or is the article on the root directory. Although the weight of URL to achieve the ultimate, but it is not easy to manage, if not to do garbage station, it is recommended to do two level directory is better. If there is more than one column of URL streamline, as long as do distinguish between before and after {aid} with letters or numbers can be. For example: a{aid}/index.html or /a{aid}.html.

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written in the last:

In fact, the




dedecms URL is relatively simple, we learn later can draw on other systems to streamline URL.

modified URL


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