How about my monthly income of million by selling linksNovice reading my first GG payment of $105.69


third step: use Dede and other groups to build 50 sites of course, at the beginning is very tired, adhere to, Dede is the preferred choice of garbage stations CMS, itself optimization is good, but also the total station generated HTML, very sh419 like.

first step: to buy a 50 A5 domain name, at least have more than half a year, no matter what the suffix com best of course.

The fifth step:

application in photo, leave the record, after the first time to collect the remittance can refer to this kind of form:

Hello, I am 4K, a college student, home economy is not very well-off, so from high school until now all want to make money to feed themselves, but because of the time * * * take a lot of detours, and stopped during a period of time, so now I was a rookie. We are likely to blunt this title came in, so I will not say nonsense, speed: how I get a monthly income of million.

second step: buy at a low price, or find a friend to send some data, buy, if the high price, even if you go to collect it, a little deal with.


landed at GG backstage the day before yesterday and saw that revenue had been issued as of April. The total amount was $105.69. GG advertising costs are not easy to earn, I do not know how many days and nights accumulated by the first ad from shlf1314. Recently, I started my new station trip: Shanzhai notebook website www.shanzhaibijiben, and I hope to get your support.


originally thought to go to the post office for Western Union is a very troublesome thing, see for the first time to get the station before the money was returned the article, so I fill in the application form in the post office receipt is careful carefully, for fear of a wrong by the post office MM to call back. By filling out the form while inquiring about the security GG next to it, it was finally completed. When the counter is available, the counter MM requests to present the ID card. Because of the second generation ID card filled in the form, the answer given by MM is that the ID number does not exist. Then took the first generation of old ID card to her, and the results of a thorough halo dishes, this time the answer is: citizen ID number exists, but does not match the name. I wondered myself, and MM asked me, "is it a change of name?". I said no.. MM said to me, "you go to your local public security bureau and ask them to update your identity card information base.". After hearing this, I thought MM would return the form to me and then withdraw my money when I updated my identity card library. Who knows she took the money in a few money, I burst Qiexi: ID check not to give money to

, let me take a specific step:

continuously updated 50 sites, a person is very difficult to complete the work, here depends on your own circumstances, I am looking for a few students in our school, give each of them 100 dollars a month, they do not understand the website, just ordinary users, teach them to update the website every station 5-10 article pseudo original line I have a pseudo original generation tool, very good.

fill in the form according to the previous form. Basic money is very fast.

The following is a

later after I finished taking the money remittance voucher or analysis, mainly in: the name, address and other information that is, their stay in the background of the GG personal information, then send the information exchange i.e. related information, GG company in the background there is MTCN, GG the background can be see.

thought it was a lot of trouble before, from the entrance to the post office, the whole process is not more than 10 minutes, the speed is really fast.

fourth step: data has been imported, immediately submitted to the search engine, only submitted to sh419 and shlf1314 on the line, mainly by the two of them to make money. After waiting for search engines included.

, the initial cost is between 1000-2000, the website is all on my VPS 10G, American VPS, speed in foreign space relatively good PS: for signature picture in the outdated DiaVPS of these stations is not for the purpose of traffic, but included only, so the station traffic should be enough, basic can run.

I’m lucky, after the preparatory work done, sh419 included the home page on the third day, the seventeenth day included 16 stations soared, 1200+ included, the rest were more than 500 pages, note that this time I 1> online every day

GG for the majority of owners of domestic advertising, or advertising preferred, the first is credibility, filled with $100 to receive the money; the second is GG advertising unit in the country is the highest; third is to apply for GG advertising fees do not pay taxes, such as the total income is $105.69, the day went to the post office to collect the money the exchange rate is 681.6, a total of $720.5 to get the money, if sh419 word to an estimated 500. Based on the above reasons, it is no wonder that the webmaster often shouted: do traffic to find sh419, advertising for GG.

as a University of garbage, the time is a lot of, often can not go to class, I rented a house outside, a person living at leisure. Often in the backward and A5 between free, accidental opportunity, let me contact with the sale of this line, after careful study, found where the opportunities. Now the connection price generally in 5 yuan sh419 included more than 500 pages, 10 yuan more than 1000+, and I want to emphasize is these two kinds of links. We build N garbage stations and wait for the numbers to reach the standard to sell links.


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