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Webmaster Tools disappeared, all the webmaster not how should query website data? Want to know how to do the site data? Can be obtained through several methods of the following data.

Shanghai dragon in this line of friends, is a very common phenomenon in abnormal website data, included drop, ranking, even by the K station etc.. Of course most of the site itself, but also can not ignore the reason why the search engine itself, but most people tend to ignore the webmaster tools, because most of our data is obtained by the webmaster tools.

3. itself is the problem how to do?

1. If the

Webmaster Tools data from


if your site appears abnormal data, first to focus on your website is not cheating. Within the chain, the chain, content, structure and form of cheating. This is one of the most easy to solve is the chain cheating in this way, in the official Webmaster Platform search engine, has refused to function outside the chain. If your ranking floating obviously, floating dozens of keywords ranking, hundreds of keywords ranking is not, it is likely that right down.

No 4.

will go wrong. As the Shanghai dragon Er personnel, this should not use third party webmaster tools, because some search engines don’t exist weight (love Shanghai no weight), all Er personnel in Shanghai dragon just contact Shanghai dragon, we should first make cognition, use webmaster tools is the wrong way, because the webmaster tools all belong to the third party platform, data is not accurate, the data obtained are relatively accurate estimates, and that the rate of less than 20%, because all the webmaster friends in the use of webmaster tools, data can only as a reference.

search engine company engineers is very much, is to ensure that the search engine can run normally, can adjust and update algorithm is. When the search engine adjustment and error, will cause the floating website ranking, this is a normal phenomenon. Besides if the site’s data is not floating, what that should the Shanghai dragon staff to do

site is down right, but also because of the site itself. Such as the site is temporarily not open, hanging black chain, page revision, will cause the ranking floating.


I believe you experienced webmaster, all know that sometimes the search engines will be deserted, but the probability is very small. The site is K or drop right articles, forums and blogs are very much, but there is a common view, that is whether the site is suspected of cheating. The website without cheating, there is no risk of K station. But few people would say, because the search engine data error causing the site to drop right, that is their own search engine error.

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will be wrong?It is certain that

2. search engine error probability?

webmaster tools, how standard website data


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