Noble baby + and nobility baby will be impacted by statistical pattern search encryption

But So what exactly is the noble

baby why? Personal speculation points:

it seems not reliable, but think about it, as this time between Facebook and G+ about user privacy a few meetings, let the user safety pay more attention to their behavior in the network. Noble baby as the world’s largest search entrance, for users who pay attention to the privacy of natural selection after the registered account and then search, to disguise plays a role of G+.

1: G+

according to the official statement, as the main site, you can still see the noble baby to flow from the statistical tools, but do not know what is the specific search term. And as the title indicates, with more and more widely influential nobles + baby, in the future there will be more and more people choose to login account after the search, this also means that the site will receive more and more statistical analysis of influence. The user group and don’t ignore Gmail, how many people are after the first login Gmail to the search, believe it is an astronomical figure.

is not absolute, noble baby to Adwords advertisers or retain a detailed keyword search report, in order to track the source of each click, in addition to those who did not login to the account of the noble baby search, you can still see the source of key words. In addition in the webmaster tools, you can query the past 30 days before the 1000 word search traffic sources, but this is only the result, ordinary users will not be able to track the process. In the next few weeks, after the whole process is deployed, that will cause great fluctuations.

these days a lot of discussion about Search Quality, including noble baby pandas, including the latest leaked search quality scoring guide and so on, its purpose is to present to the user a higher quality of the content. For the moment on the "Keywords" website, seemed interested in doing the work for search engines. If this function disappears, then the site will develop to two directions:

A: concentrate on the station, do not consider the keywords, only to do more and better content, such as news and industry portals like.

2: improve the quality of search

B: station more carefully >


noble baby recently in its official blog announced that in the next few weeks, the baby will peer the login users search for encryption. When a user is logged in nobility baby account, the search will automatically jump to the "https://s.贵族宝贝", the noble baby instead of http". This is to consider the security of user information, especially in China and public wireless network users. But the move makes statistical market pattern has a little change. Yes, statistics to


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