Lei programming work and life program is similar to Mason physical work

[Abstract] no matter how advanced programmers are useless, the key is whether you can come up with ideas out of the product.

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today a friend sent me a post I wrote on BBS 20 years ago. It was 1996, we through the telephone line dial-up connection to the BBS on the West Post play in the wind.


is an Internet era of chaos, that is a BBS and Email almost dominated in all Internet era, it is a young and passionate in ideal.

I am a programmer, a software engineer. To this day, I am still a programmer, a software engineer.

this is my 20 years ago, the life of the program point of view. 20 years later, after Rereading, this is still my attitude towards the life of the program.

March 24, 2016

Lei Jun

" program life " composition

From: Lei Jun

To: Dai Jun

time: 1996-08-31 00:28

wear teacher:

I have finished your thesis, if there is something wrong, please point out. This afternoon I have written, but suddenly ZRM crash, I did not save. I had to write in the evening. If there is a mistake in the text may be the second time I write leakage.

this article reference to WT and JH’s discussion letter, thank you.

= CUT ===

program life


]. If the process of life, the road is too long

" program life " what does this word mean? I didn’t understand it at first. It originated from the amateur BBS station, PROGRAMMER station on the Chinese column name is the word, English translates to " ", but the application programmer;; life is a lot more meaning than a programmer, seems to be more of a sense of the vicissitudes of life. But no matter so much about programming feel not digress.

first of all, I would like to talk about their own way, so that we may be able to believe my honesty and my experience of the authenticity of this programming. These feelings are my personal feelings, not comprehensive, please correct me.

my program life path


I wasn’t born with a computer. I didn’t even think about life as a programmer in high school. I am a computer accident, a child when a good friend of the University chose a computer professional


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