Do note the link anchor text

anchor text keywords should be diversified, too single obviously will be very natural, very easy to cause the drop right. The anchor text and URL links and URL text have, to control the proportion of a website normally cannot all the chain anchor text, so we do in the chain anchor text at the same time, to do some proper links and text.


stood outside the anchor text is the chain, a Shanghai Longfeng workers, most of the time every day is spent in the chain, then the chain of time we should pay attention to what

content should also be irregular, some articles with one or two links, some with five or six links, must be done without the law, not because of fear of an article with multiple anchor text being right down, from the Shanghai encyclopedia love we can see that the number of anchor text and no more any problem.

two, outside the station anchor text

station anchor text is within the chain, now we do within the chain of Shanghai dragon very seriously, two years ago, that anchor text in the content of the very few people, now, no anchor text content is less and less, of course, the chain is not only in the content of the anchor text simple, but today we only discuss this.

don’t add anchor text, this is an important reason why many sites down the right, along with the development of the site, the uniform natural added to the site outside the station anchor text links, so as to make healthy development of website.

there are a lot of people tangled, the same keywords appear several times in the content, is to do a anchor text or all do? Love Shanghai from Wikipedia, we can get the answer, the first to be the anchor text keywords. Most of the webmaster anchor text is only the station, in fact, this is not good, should occasionally with anchor text some other sites, many webmaster with chain like gold, it is not very good, in fact, occasionally with links to some authoritative websites, not only there is no harm very good, to increase the relevance and weight can help.

A large number of short-term

anchor text role needless to say, I believe that Shanghai dragon knows the importance of anchor text keywords, anchor text anchor text is divided into stations (chain) and outside the station anchor text (chain), let’s examine.

, a station anchor text

is so much, from: eye charts, URL: http:/>

The anchor text in the

a lot of people do when the content of anchor text in general only link the home page, in fact this is not very good, the anchor text for Shanghai dragon’s meaning is to let the content page were linked together, let the spider can be very good to grab more pages, the weight can evenly transfer, while enhancing the correlation of the page. Only if the page anchor text, so he has lost the original meaning, therefore, more important is to do more anchor text columns and other content pages.


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