Boy mix the old domain for some value of website of Shanghai Dragon

2, ranking good: included no direct relationship with the ranking, so here that ranking, old >

2, the chain advantage: new registered domain name may be a chain is not, but the old name is, because there are many owners in the abandoned site of your own, your own domain name, and in the abandoned, certainly on the site with the construction of the chain, which will bring a lot of links to this domain, although when we register, the number of the chain could not be compared with the previous, but always there, and with the precipitation, the chain is very good.

then we look at the old domain name website can achieve the effect:

included fast: a web site a few days ago I used 10 old domain name, the snapshot put out, but did not do anything, I believe here, the chain and search engine related mechanisms.

printing has been circulating such a topic: the old domain name for the site optimization ranking effect. I believe that the forum will often mixed regular contact to this topic, but also a lot of yisou online the day before yesterday, a friend asked me to select the virtual host of things on QQ, and then went on to buy the domain name, because I was a bit busy, no answer, today to write this article. Just can give the friend from it, in fact I operated on the old domain do new cases are only two cases, and one case in a few years ago (at that time did not know the Shanghai dragon, just know, most of the website ranking) was about 10 days ago, and now has been ranked in the relevant first, although the term heat is not strong, but somehow in the word competition or a few, and the site did not to rise in their own management, ranking, believe there is such a case of a few friends First look! The figure below:

from the inside know a lot about the old domain and Shanghai dragon topic, hey, if you want to know more about it, can go to search, see the relevant literature, here I also draw a part, will be summarized in this article, I hope to also need to buy some old domain friends some help. We must first understand the old domain name for the site of Shanghai dragon ranking is helpful, it does exist, because the old domain name for the unique advantages of the website of Shanghai dragon than the new domain name has the following:


1, through some investigation of search engines: heard, heard of the new Sandbox effect? A new no matter how good your content, the chain how powerful, in the short term are not ranked, even if the ranking will soon K off your site, because the search engine you will feel the website of the Ministry of the normal, and the old domain completely do not need this, the search engine has the old domain name from a database box inside it is extracted, so even if the short-term increase the number of the chain, the general domain name will not be K off what. So the domain name in history for a long time, the search engine for the weight will be a little higher.


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