Add beloved Shanghai home button some doubts about personal views

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5, the function will have an impact on Shanghai dragon

2, why have we not login page to add other

You can sites? ?

it is because I enter the A5 URL directly, instead of going to Shanghai in search of love what stationmaster net or A5. From this side also reflects the power of A5.

4, every day I use A5 why not

we can see chart, station in the first, the laggards in the end, there is a Middle East Ou valve network. If the person that is in accordance with good estimation, I use frequency and sort, is the most used in the first row, the least used in the last row. This can be more convenient service to our users. So, this love love Shanghai Shanghai home add function is very humane and intelligent.

1, how to use this button to

to use this button, we must log in the state. Because only logged in, know that we are fall in love with the sea which users, thus the corresponding data to return to the home page presents to us. There is a purpose, that is in love with the sea to let more people log on, because there is a love Shanghai engineer wrote an article that is the log love Shanghai, can save 30 minutes a day. We are logged in, a lot of data to love Shanghai we are ready, can greatly save our time. This is an important factor to recommend home to save our time.


page navigation my personal view, I own a no point that added to the home page. But when we logged in, naturally with the site. The reason is because I these days are logged in, I use the most is the site, so the function of intelligent love Shanghai to give it to recommend to the home page.


personal recognition >

so, personally think that this is a button to allow visitors to faster access to the site visit, to form a plane type favorites in Shanghai love home. The two is in a lot of big races to extract the most popular site, in order to achieve the purpose of perfect service users. Some ideas here for personal use to share with you.

3, the home page navigation is how to sort

do not pay attention, love Shanghai even in some sites below with the addition of beloved Shanghai home this button. This button is not what get excited over a little thing. Personally, it to Shanghai dragon market still will not have the slightest effect. Because Shanghai dragon is because the site does not flow or no ranking didn’t go to work, and this button is for some big station or some have very good ranking site of operation. Perhaps the future will spread to every site, but in that way and let people cheat space.


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