Analysis the idea of the construction of the chain correlation high weight nature recommended Shangh

second, classified information website weight is the best position between the construction of the chain. I do not want to classified information website to say, some well-known sites such as 58 city and Ganji, 51 search network, easy on the net and so on. You can go to Shanghai in search of love category information network this keyword can find a lot of such sites, the author thinks that the soft release in the classification of information platform or product information, it is necessary to pay attention to the details, we must first understand the posting rules, generally very much classified information website is not allowed in the contact on the incidental website address and take a address only the text, these rules in the registration after we need to know, because the chain weight high persistence and stability is the key point of the late weight accumulation and stability of this website, should pay attention to. Secondly, find the relevant category, classification error not only makes the chain correlation greatly reduced, serious may also be considered cheating etc. the machine administrator to delete the article, this is very bad, the classification of information release process sometimes to select the category, fill in the content very much, here I suggest that we must have patience today, even if you only had a soft, as long as successful a link to a high quality top you a lot of junk the chain, don’t worry about the number, the number of post can be accumulated, but the quality factor.

first, looking for high quality industry platform or portal website. In the webmaster industry as an example, as everyone knows a webmaster site in the construction of the chain correlation very easy to find, for example, can go to the webmaster forum, stationmaster net soft contribute and so on, it is very worthwhile for us to do their own good, such as Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very simple to share webmaster forum optimization idea and optimization experience. You can make yourself calm down in a certain period of time, the intentions of the webmaster to write some soft Wen release in the webmaster online operation optimization, etc.. Secondly, their life is related to the station if you can find the high weight of the industry portal can consider paying for the promotion of soft paper, such as the long lane, eLong, Sohu, Sina and so on are paid promotion or find some free trade platform for targeted soft contribute are one of the effective ways to obtain high quality. The chain in the relevant channel, the author’s own site outside the chain of resources are mostly from the soft submission, the key is how to let yourself calm down, how to hold on for a long time, a person I want to say love leisure and hate labour, is the webmaster of this industry is not really suitable for you, because the choice is to choose such a. A hard occupation is doomed to long-term fight for it.

Shanghai algorithm upgrade as everyone knows, love, high weights of the chain construction is becoming one of the key factors to improve the site weight and ranking, because of the author’s own website in the operation process in addition to the station factors they can to control, how to construct simple and efficient construction of the external links to build high quality but also the author has been thinking about and the most hard place, today the author mainly talk about the strategy for the construction of the chain of correlation of high quality, good gossip short continued to enter today’s theme.


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