half a month in A5 earned 2450 yuan experience sharingSay good listed SF listed, wow, ha ha, old m

Xiaobian is finishing some of the enterprises are not listed, but also look at the big brothers, how to say

but it turns out, "don’t say anything on the lips, or are you honest?"". Today’s SF has become a valuation of billions of listed companies A shares. Because Wang Wei also understand, today’s SF and competitors war has risen to the capital level contest.

HUAWEI founder Ren Zhengfei, HUAWEI’s chief financial officer, the daughter of the late Zhou Meng also said: "personally, if HUAWEI listed on HUAWEI’s open and transparent is certainly good, but there is a natural barrier to the listing of HUAWEI, China related regulations of listed companies can have up to 200 shareholders, but more than 60 thousand of HUAWEI employee stock ownership. About not going on the market, >

Abstract: what enterprises value should be a healthy and sustainable business model, integrating values into the veins of an enterprise. Listing is only a means of financing, not an end, to ensure healthy cash flow and sustained expansion, while maintaining a high standard of products and services. That’s the right way.

early in the year just made a game station, just start search engine not very fond of my station, patience slowly stand up, and then weight up, there are some time space problems, and drop the right. The less after flow more, the daily average is about 2000 around the holidays when a little more. By July, when I was supposed to make money, I felt so tired that I couldn’t do it anymore, and then I posted a stop selling information on the forum. Sell station to send 2G telecommunications high-speed space, my heart began to sell 3000 of the budget, two months of summer vacation to buy back is not a problem, and then think about it, I sincerely sell the station, drop it. Post direct mark 2500, accept small chop. There are still a lot of people with me, but the prices are all off the mark. One even asked me to sell 500, and immediately pulled the man black. Pit father ah, then there is a buddy, plus I say, buy domain name, buy a domain name 1000 yuan alone, although very tempting, but from my target price gap is too big, did not sell. Wait until the afternoon when someone and I said just to buy the domain name 1500, I was excited and confused, my general domain name that 917yx go game why have such a high price? Die grinding grind the turnover of 1600 yuan, I bought the domain name alone. At that time it seemed to be flying fish.

with the rapid development of the electricity supplier industry, the courier industry is increasingly fierce competition in the market environment, in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, who is the first to achieve the scale of expansion, who is likely to be a big fish in the Matthew effect.

once he asked me how to transfer the domain name in GoDaddy, and he told me to help him remotely. Into his account, I took so many domains. The first one is the second domain name I sold him. I’m just going to help him, he said that this does not turn, turn the domain name, to help him after the operation, he suddenly sent a message that I sell the domain name he don’t ask me, or my account number to him, he gave me the transfer. I gave it to him in a hurry, and he gave it to me. Excited ing… Because in A5 we will be able to.


SF to be listed, will become a Domino, triggering the previously listed companies also IPO chain reaction?

a few days later, I thought about selling another station in my hand. The net flow from sh419 was several hundred per day, and it hasn’t been updated for more than one week. But snapshot every day, website weight is good. Again in the A5 post selling stand, black is a large, cut off and asked, then removed many people go. Later, the last time I bought the domain name that guy directly bought my domain name, 500 transactions. Every time I buy a domain name, and sell generous, I am puzzled, the original man is doing SF. No wonder you’re so generous…

? out of Alipay’s comments

did more than half a year before the station and sold it. And earn some money in the A5 domain name daoteng. Recently, in the forum to see, there are individual friends in the site for sale, selling stations sold for more than a month, I can not help feeling. Sell the station to sell the station, the value of how much to sell, do not cry, others are not fools. Let me tell you how to make so much money. Put the

these "big bull" enterprises adhere to the listing and capital say no

HUAWEI founder and head of Ren Zhengfei had a famous saying: "too fat pig raising, did not even hum. Technology companies are driven by talent, the company listed too early, there will be a group of people become millionaires, millionaires, their work enthusiasm will decline, which is not good for HUAWEI…… Employees who are too young and too rich will become lazy and will not benefit their personal growth."

"is nothing more than the benefits of listing quanqian, get the funds needed for the development of enterprises. SF is also short of money, but SF can not be listed for money. After the listing, the enterprise has become a profitable machine, changes in stock prices every day affect the nerves of the enterprise, the management of enterprise management is unfavorable." In 2011, Wang Wei, founder of SF, was interviewed, and when it came to listing, he had a clear attitude.

we look at the 2016 express market, 2016 is called the courier listed first in the United States, IPO, tact, Shen Tong backdoor backdoor dowin Edisi, rhyme backdoor Xinhai shares the domestic express industry, the first echelon of the company in addition to SF have completed the process of listing outside. Look at the second echelon, peak express, Debon logistics has three new board listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange submitted IPO application, ZJS also said that the public own listing plan. Thus, the entire express industry capitalization has become the trend of the times.

immediately posted "domain names + data" in the forums. The price I want is not high 350 yuan. Ip+ domain name weight >


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