Love Shanghai webmaster how to deal with the search engine algorithm adjustment

2, website link: here that links the main said Links, many webmaster to exchange Links as to improve website ranking nirvana, but remember that Links is a double-edged sword, reasonable use can indeed improve the keywords ranking, but the abuse of the website will lead to a fatal disaster. Here, easy to make mistakes, as long as the exchange links industry disorderly, Links exchange; Links number, weight is too dispersed; Links sensitive industry, exchange Links and sensitive sites; exchange Links suffered right down. An article written before about Links exchange content, you can go to see you see.

as long as the Shanghai dragon Er do more than 3 points, fell in love with.

1, the content of the website: website content and the relevance of the theme must be strong, meets the needs of users, from the user’s point of view to consider the content, if you do as a regular visitors search keywords, want to see what kind of content, to address the needs of users. Here, many webmaster mistakes have content copying, not through their own carefully to determine whether the content is useful; keyword stuffing, in order to rank deliberately in the article with the title, keyword stuffing; content poor readability, update their own station within the content back to see their own do not understand.

3, user guide: here that the user guide contains the site layout, the site within the chain, guide the user deeper to browse web content, improve the site PV, here you need to recommend very relevant content in the content inside, can use love to meet Shanghai recommended plug-in, good internal link building, guide user browsing, many people know that the chain is method to improve the keywords ranking, but do not know why will improve.

love Shanghai search engine all the time in the adjustment, there are many factors affecting the keyword ranking, everyone can not be done. Love Shanghai search engine every update, have a large head groans in each big forum, said his site was K, the decline in the rankings, included drop, so today to talk about how to deal with the Xi’an Shanghai dragon love Shanghai search engine adjustment algorithm.

to do the needs of users in general visitors view station, easily respond to love Shanghai search engine algorithm adjustment. The following main points:

internal link first, guide the spider crawl web content deep; second aspects to guide the user deeper click Browse content. Here is the relationship between the chain need to pay attention to the. The webmaster is apt to make mistakes, internal links deliberately to insert keywords description text links; do not go to the internal links; internal links with nature.

teach you a method of internal links, regard themselves as ordinary users, see the text there is no click impulse, if not, the chain is not qualified, if there is an impulse, then this chain is qualified.


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