WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong how to make the product simpleWhy is it difficult to start interesting

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Rybchin said, "we need POS system to accept orders, but not so many feasible solutions for small businesses, Shopify is also a good solution, but they are only online payment and Stripe cooperation, and Stripe is not correlated with adult business cooperation. When Stripe asked what my business was doing, I told them the truth. I’m not doing anything illegal, it’s more like sex. "Wouldn’t banks be dealing with gynecologists?"

: I’d like to add that if you crash, you might throw your cell phone off. The button might be an outlet for your cell phone.

, why didn’t the two buttons boot,

doesn’t give him a choice,

starts with a little story today: why is there only one button on Apple’s mobile phone,

yes, that’s reasonable, too, because venting is important. There is no standard answer >

stage 2: simple.

at an entrepreneur’s party, she simply couldn’t get anyone’s support because the field had been dominated by more than 20 year old male entrepreneurs. Stacy Rybchin says, "when they see me, they make me a laughing stock of what I do.". What’s more, I’m more than 40 years old."

read: "it’s hard to be an entrepreneur, and it’s harder to be an adult.".

Stripe was rejected by

, can I use the button,

wants to be an entrepreneur and has many difficulties, and it’s harder to be an entrepreneur for adult products. Through Rybchin’s start-up My Secret Luxury and My Secret Soiree, she sells high-end consumer goods to consumers. She expects the spice market to be $15 billion, but for a variety of reasons, many women are reluctant to shop. Despite the size of the market, investors remain hesitant to invest in an exciting startup. Rybchin revealed that her company is now making profits and that she no longer needs to find investors, but is in urgent need of online shopping.

platform: if it crashes, you throw it, so the user wants to go.


: I think there is only one button for the user. There won’t be too much interference. As long as you start here, the other menus are here. This is my personal thoughts.

in fact, most mobile phones don’t use buttons, but maybe this button is still necessary.

for vent,


yes, simplicity is a good answer. Very good. There is not a standard answer to this question.

Rybchin said, why did not work with her this may be because these technology companies are dominated by men, they feel that cooperation and erotic startups will very upset: "all of these companies are by men in management, they do not know how to appreciate the pleasure of the woman"


the most important thing is not the answer is not correct, mainly to see whether there is a thought of their own, any reason can.

: Jobs is saying that my product is for me to guide the user to use, so when only one button, you must follow my operation, you can only press this button to step by step.

core tips I believe we are very curious about the creation of a series of successful products such as Foxmail, , e-mail, WeChat and so on, Zhang Xiaolong. The low-key products people is how to treat the mobile Internet and Internet products? Here is the "commercial value" reporter for Zhang Xiaolong earlier in the summer Yongfeng Tencent internal products share the record finishing, your view of how to evaluate the product, welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments area.

stage: one more, one more choice.

last time in sharing, Martin editor’s note: Tencent President Liu Chiping is also, he believes that because this button is easy to break, so the user does not stop to replace the new phone. This also has some truth, because I last apple mobile phone button is broken, and then there is no way, had to change another.


was inspired by the high-end retail stores Good, Vibrations and Babeland, and Rybchin was in

in August when Stacy Rybchin, founder of a spice based startup in New York, tried to sign up for online payment services on Stripe. Instead, she plans to use Volusion, an online shopping cart, and this time she was turned down. The same thing happened during the registration of SparkPay. Facebook also rejected her company’s advertising proposal. Pinterest also responded that her proposal to Pinterest was not approved. Kickstarter related terms also expressly refused to appeal to the landing platform.

stage 2: Yes, because you have to follow my train of thought. I read the biography of Jobs before, and I felt that Jobs was a little paranoid in his character, and the pursuit of an extreme simplicity might have something to do with his ideas. If he could do it with a button, he would never use two.


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