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GPLP Jun known materials, only in a department, new and old employees had mutual grudge, everyone who are not satisfied with who, but two lines running, a line is to take orders from Zhou hang, another line is Peng Gang’s music people, listen to the boss.

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August 8, 2011, easy to obtain Morningside venture invest millions of dollars.

is running in a second marriage, many people know when the stepmother, regardless of love and not love, good and bad, after all, is the stepmother to replace all the staff, not possible; maintain the status quo, but it is a major shareholder, shining white silver is distressed.

Angel stage, easy to get angel investor Xu Xiaoping investment, the amount is unknown;

on the morning of April 27th, Hongkong media reported that Tencent had begun looking for investment banking for Tencent music, and its valuation had reached $10 billion.

data shows, easy to come by Zhou hang to be founded on May 2010 in Beijing.

currently, Tencent music’s biggest competitor in the domestic market is >


Zhou Zhou, music and easy to go, yesterday was a friend circle brush screen.

at the end of December, the Tencent completed the music Tencent structure adjustment. After the adjustment, Tencent Music Group established its music business line, cool dog music business line, music finance department, copyright management department, legal management department and human resources department. Among them, music business line is responsible for the music, national karaoke music products R & D operations.

interface news then contacted Tencent hope to get more detailed information, but Tencent said that the current market has not yet been able to give more details of rumors. But close to Tencent music business told the interface reporter, the group is indeed preparing for the relevant work.

March 2016, Peng Gang and sun can join in, easy to serve as president of easy car.

then, in the drop, the rapid rise of the financing of the war, the earliest business easy to start, gradually facing financing difficulties.

amount, as a combination of D and round into the music as the second shareholders of Hang Zhou, apparently belonging to the second marriage.

data show that China Music Group and music merger, total control of China’s 42% music, music, copyright licensing, and 53.1% Music Recording Copyright authorization. This is the most valuable asset of the new Tencent music group. In February, Wu Weilin, vice president of Tencent music group, said that music has been profitable, and paid users exceeded 10 million last year.

The listing of

subsequently, as his own son, easy to continue financing among the development to the present:

so, in October 20, 2015, easy to sell by 70% of the controlling stake, won the music Holdings D round of financing.

, for example, music and Zhou Yi about easy to dispute.

April 25th, the Tencent issued a statement that will hold a special meeting of shareholders in May 17, 2017 after the AGM, to consider options including plan approval and adoption of the Tencent Music Entertainment Group common motion.

previously, Chinese Music Group has tried to seek a listing in the United States, at the time of their fund-raising amount between 3-6 billion dollars, but the capital market is not optimistic about the prospects for the market, so the listing process has been delayed. With the merger of Tencent music business, the new group’s listing prospects will be more clear.

so even for marriage, and marriage. Statistics show that China divorce rate over 50%, while in the non original case, combined with the child, family and property and other factors, the second is obviously more difficult to maintain and fusion.

is the second marriage angered disaster

and more about management and the use of funds, we can also take a peek

therefore, we often see a certain family, for various reasons, the two chose divorce.

Tencent finally launched its listing plan for its music business.

and investigate the root cause of all things, it is easy to combine with the music because of the combination of peace and Jahwa are including erhun blame.

is not love, but love is hard to maintain in reality.

December 19, 2013, publicity received Ctrip and DCM6000 million investment.

‘s Tencent music business has been taking place since 2016. In July, the Tencent announced that its music and China Music Group CMC merger, the establishment of a new music group "Tencent Music Entertainment Group, the Tencent through the replacement of assets became the largest shareholder of the Tencent of music. After the merger, remain independent development of music, cool dog, cool and other products and brands.


"it’s easy to be in love,

in the specific personnel, in addition to the appointment of previously responsible for music business Tencent vice president Peng Jiaxin for the music Tencent CEO, the Tencent also appointed Tencent group financial director Hu Min for the Tencent music CFO. China Music Group Co CEO Xie Guomin and Xie Zhenyu served as co president of Tencent music. Sources said that the restructuring of the personnel structure is the Tencent Music Group for the preparation of the listing.

both the farmer and the snake or misappropriation of public funds, in short, the two now open confrontation, like peace and Jahwa, the car home in the same scene, no matter how close, the end result is a lose lose.


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