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for the ideal site, there are people who make money for the station, but I think the latter should be much more than the former. We make money can be called a Wangzhuan, and a variety of channels, such as advertising, hard, soft, and even offline activities, etc.. However, the Chinese also have a bad habit, that is, can not see others make money, even if the customer. As a result, there have been many deceptive ways to make money, whether personal or corporate, but this has not been long.

DJ56 network has become the largest DJ original music platform, has more than 50 thousand songs of the original music, was excavated from the DJ56 network and DJ56 network platform music music original song contest and to the public, in the field of wireless music created a very high value.

we have been insisting on the way, is to continue to do the original, the main push DJ songs are constantly communicating with customers results. We often take DJ songs to the market to see, the effect is good, it will increase efforts to launch, the effect is not good, the intensity is smaller. And pass on >

in short, the DJ56 network is a comprehensive digital DJ music company. DJ56 network music creates a digital platform that allows authors to easily publish and disseminate their own works, allowing users to easily find and access their favorite music. As a digital music company, DJ56 network can be said to be the music maker’s talent, and it is a paradise for music lovers.

mentioned the original DJ song, I believe many people will think of DJ56 www.dj56, this is the first to sing the DJ song high streets and back lanes let people see the network DJ song power, and our DJ56 is the DJ digital music products consumption.

DJ56 music network has been committed to do such a thing, that is to provide a network of original platform UGC music platform, let all the music on this platform almost zero cost to release their own music DJ products, not to squeeze "harass the people and waste money for CD" single plank bridge, it the work can be spread to the majority of their DJ music lovers there. DJ56 network music through mobile operators wireless network and the Internet to promote the DJ music, and the music into the ring, ring back tone and interactive voice response DJ music. Then to provide mobile phone users Chinese.

my idea is: let your customers make money first, and then the website will make money again. Why do you want to do that? It’s just to make more money for yourself. First of all, the customer to make money, to help you make money, you may initially didn’t earn much, do not even, but never mind, can let customers earn money, you are not far from the days of making money certainly; secondly, the customer to make money, and you will be able to work together to safeguard the industry, so industry to thrive your position and money can slowly confirm and guarantee; thirdly, the customer to make money, and your site did not make money, this is no way, you can do that and when their customers. Therefore, the key is to allow customers to make money, so as to reflect the value of their own can also feel at ease, long-term money.

of course, we can’t limit our customers to business partners. For websites, users are our customers. If your website that allows users to make money, but also to make business partners to make money, it is the best – generally such sites are mostly intermediary sites, but also very popular, such as Witkey sites, C2C class sites. And if you can’t let users make money, you need to provide the value they need, that is, the content must be useful. For example, he wanted to see pictures of Zhang Xinyu, and my daughter, the community, gave him the most daring pictures he wanted to see, and that was to make net friends make money". There is also a kind of form is to allow users to save money, for example, users need to buy a housing, and in my sex forum, I can teach the content of the post transfer experience for him, let him save costs in the purchase process, also achieved our purpose. In fact, through sexual forums to buy a house, each can save about ten thousand yuan for users, so there are many core users support.

today, the public is more through the Internet, MP3, mobile phones, etc. to enjoy DJ music, traditional CD gradually fade out, in this "post CD era" the most obvious change is that the media changes. Before the circular disc does not need now, and it brings the changes of distribution channels, from the previous issue issue is now bound variable DJ single, traditional store business is bleak, and on the Internet search engine is very lively.

and how to make your customers make money, involving a wide range, and later I will be written, is briefly introduced. I like the beautiful pictures forum "energy-saving", in view of the beautiful pictures alone to attract traffic, so customers will be locked in the edge ball advertising, let them first to make my friends money, then give me a cup of soup. And wait until the site has enough popularity and revenue, will replace this method, and return to the theme of "women’s forum", gradually delete edge ball advertising, contact the female merchant, through interaction with the users all kinds of planning, plan to do the first half of the free activities, to allow customers to taste the sweetness, and then began to shun believes charges. If the event fails, just march into women’s products

DJ56 networks has been exploring new DJ music models with Chinese characteristics. We look abroad, the United States has iPod, MySpace, which is the United States DJ music industry model. China is characterized by mobile phones, the number of users is much larger than the Internet, there are good toll channels, have good positioning, to the business to bring a good foundation. But this is only the rice bowl, the core content is the song inside, choosing what kind of song to consumers is the core thing, but also DJ56 network has been actively doing.


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