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women always have a few days a few days can not afford to go up, they feel trouble. But in the complaint, may have missed the best beautiful moment.

in the menstrual period, under the control of pituitary hormones, estrogen and progesterone secretion in women, this is a very subtle physiological adjustment process, this period of time, breast, abdomen and other series usually let you can easily reach a headache.

fullness of the chest will be affected by the amount of estrogen secretion in female ovaries. Menstruation 1-3 days is the best time for breast enhancement, because these 3 days affect the chest fullness of ovarian estrogen secretion of equal amounts of 24 hours, can stimulate breast fat accumulation. If these 3 days to eat carrots, potatoes, soybeans and nuts food, breast effect will be better than usual, more than 3.

in addition to papaya milk, fermented egg is one of many star recommended breast clergyman, the breast is a very traditional food. Wine fermentation enzymes, active substances and B vitamins are conducive to breast development, and alcohol trace and can improve the blood circulation of the chest, and if the protein rich egg cooked, can not only make the chest plump up, also has a great improvement on the skin. There are many kinds of practices are very common and delicious fermented egg, the egg is cooked, peeled into fermented glutinous rice, add brown sugar and the amount of water, into the microwave oven for about 2 minutes. In the morning and evening before eating, the fullness of the chest effect is better.

in addition to lecithin containing soybeans, peanuts, etc., rich in protein almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, are good breast food. The part of the seed coat of the plant seeds can promote the development of gonad.