Online advertising has become the focus of attention in the industryToday, several new cutting-edge

      interactive network advertising requires more traffic bandwidth; therefore, it can only become reality only when broadband networks are becoming more and more popular. With the amazing charm of broadband advertising, many of the advertising company’s Web site has been favored by Internet surfers, MySpace is a typical example. According to statistics, the web site, which was established only 18 months, reached 4 billion 600 million people in February this year, ranking seventh on the list of the most popular websites in the United States, after the search engine giant shlf1314. Consulting firm Jupiter communications company data show that the global network advertising market has reached 16 billion 500 million U. s.dollars, accounting for 8% of the entire advertising market, including broadband advertising growth amazing speed. Experts estimate that revenue from the broadband multimedia advertising market will reach $1 billion last year and revenue will rise to $four in 3 billion 800 million years’ time.

The alliance is a coalition of the few to browse the charging alliance, as well as the traditional TV advertising and Internet advertising innovation based on alliance, the video ads to the site in the estimation of things even unthinkable a few years ago, the Alliance came true! The alliance’s advertising model should be popular with advertisers, as for web owners? I will not say, take a look at the webmaster online articles

in the early stages of the Internet development, the major websites to provide users with a free feast to attract popularity, hoping to achieve profitability through online advertising. However, due to the Internet is still immature in all aspects of the development, the use of this business model of the vast majority of sites attributed to failure. Today, the Internet has become a powerful media for marketing and advertising, especially the rapid spread of broadband networks, providing a publishing platform for a variety of audio and video advertising. Online advertising has become the focus of the industry in the near future, the Internet ushered in a huge advertising business opportunities.

      in the traditional advertising marketing, there are a large number of non advertising expenditures, or hidden costs, which makes the input and output of publicity increased accordingly. At the same time, because the traditional marketing combination quantity is not many, the performance is not high, has restricted enterprise’s choice space. As a new generation of marketing model, online advertising breaks through the limitations of the traditional advertising effectiveness and costs, greatly reducing the cost of enterprise publicity. In the recently held "second session of the Chinese search economy forum, NarrowAD operator tixa company CEO Zhang Xiangning said," advertising "as the representative of the Internet advertising will make the marketing cost at least down to 1/10 of the original," like the expensive communication cost on the Internet that appeared after the fall".

      of course, for broadband advertising market, this is only the beginning

      in fact, more and more large advertisers have already turned their attention to the Internet advertising market. MySpace began to Target and cleaning company to build multimedia network advertisement; Viacom company launched a network version of popular TV series Fat Actress on YAHOO website; and Kraft company is to create a game site, to expand the company’s product visibility in children.


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