Peng Wenxi appeal for proper protection of copyright of original network article

On the morning of, see the latest article, first, Dai Zhikang: the trend of the Internet is a change in the status quo, jasm brother recalled his life experiences, we are talking about, but also learn a lot about the webmaster of the thing speaks, jasm also pointed out that the forum was not to do the lofty ideals and high aspirations to find better jobs, but only just, perhaps more reflect jasm brother, low-key life, high-profile work attitude.

well, well, from which I just made a small link, link to my school time, link to the graduation thesis is on legal protection of network copyright, (Note: University of the legal profession, but the computer is especially interested in the combination of scribbling right when the graduation thesis, graduation. Recently on the Internet), wrote many articles about SEO articles, to Baidu and Google search, many sites reproduced in my article, a part of the whole reserves, more is to replace some of the contents, to write their own or from another site. Then I began to think, why is it so, the copyright of network articles is not protected,


network especially on the SEO article, others reproduced, not what most of our relationship, the original author also won’t complain you what the Internet is shared, SEO started in China far behind the foreign Chinese, SEOer should be more communication and learning a lot. However, as the content of a website or some of the primary SEOer, the most basic requirement is to do, is to keep the information network the original author, the advantage of this is that the original author has the sense of achievement, will continue to write more quality articles, the original author also has its utilitarian, original the author is in the sharing of experience at the same time, hope to get more the chain and retain the original author of the relevant information, this is the power to write down the original authors. It is because many people ignore the original author of the little interest, do not reprint, even removed the wrong person, how can the original authors do not. This will lead to a lot of people are not willing to write down their own experience, to share with you, SEOer no fresh information into, without proper communication, as can be imagined the domestic search engine optimization development will slow down, the SEOer is also very unfavorable to us.

network article copyright appropriate protection strategy (only for related SEO article discussion, other network articles temporarily do not make analysis):

, the original author should indicate the original author in his article published at the same time, the article source (the first website), information communication, to prepare the reproduced spare, because will not have to find this information reprint.

two, reprinted in reprinted articles, should indicate the original author, the source (the first website), if not a waste site, may be appropriate to do a link or choose under Links. Also give some not too much


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