Don’t tell your website address in the webmaster circle

website promotion is a long-term behavior of webmaster friends, in Admin5 Adsense nets, promotion methods about the site can be said to be overwhelming, we learn, like hunger and thirst to practice. I found a lot of people there are individual owners who violate the law of behavior, such as website promotion, positioning your user group is at a critical point, the webmaster friends should know. But the operation, often regardless of whether the other party is interested in their own site, must try to find ways to let each other visit their website. If you meet an acquaintance, if the other side does not visit, eighth life friendship is also a cancellation.

soft Wen, in fact, part of it is regarded as a dedicated original article, one in order to share knowledge and exchange of views, the two is also in order to achieve publicity purposes, understandable. But if your website is not related to the webmaster and stay, what is the meaning? Often see the webmaster friends at the end of write "welcome to my station sit, my website address", copied into the address bar and opened it, and there is no relevant content owners, and then hurried off. Come and go, you get the garbage flows, here is a waste of time. Some people say, oh, I was in order to get the chain. Oh, you think, address your general editor will not release the hyperlink, the spider climb past? Reverse link effect can reach? Often see a bunch of URLs in the comments, said: "led a spider", I do not want to understand not Leng super connection form, how to lead?

is selling vegetables in the vegetable market, selling goods store, have their own target. Do you like eating a website, do not run to the diet of community website publicity, to stationmaster net mad web site, like selling vegetables do not go to the market, to the clothing market selling, you do not lose money who lose money? Your traffic is not junk traffic strange. Last time I went to the webmaster, I saw an article that seemed to be an article that ten thousand IP won’t make a penny a day. It’s not strange if it’s true. If Wang Tiantian went to the weight loss beauty community to promote Admin5, then even if every day from the weight loss beauty community over 1 million IP, also can not do the biggest grassroots Adsense nets.

personally think that the publicity on the Admin5 website, have the effect of general and webmaster related content, such as some traffic exchange sites, advertising, IDC, network marketing, website technology, website content. I believe these webmaster have more or less tasted the sweetness. What is many and I like to write to Internet related blog, published an article in the blog address here is as unalterable principles indicate the copyright thing, also believe that propaganda flavorfully, also make a lot of friends.

don’t tell your website address in the webmaster circle, except for the deviation of the location group…… How do you say, for example: you have a very successful website, and unique content, you posted your URL in the webmaster online, in your experience, ha ha, I promise.


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