Discussion on the future and development of web navigation websites

just made a web site, the web site! Have some ideas, not


has been saying that the web site has no future. Because the bead jade in front, good 123 fire, the network has sprung up a large number of site navigation station, but we really remember a few,

?Most of the

web site but is a simple Copy program, a lot of people, change the name and logo will go up, nothing special, imitation, no future at all? The other way is not necessarily suitable for you, you can learn, can imitate, but the most important thing is innovation. If you see hao123’s success, you dream of becoming the second hao123. It’s impossible. It’s only a dream. There are many factors that make Hao123 a success.

so, is there really no future for the website station? No,


Hao123 is so popular, but not without its drawbacks. Simple and simple, to provide the most necessary services for Internet users. This is where it attracts people, then what is the disadvantage? No pertinence, no features, then want to go beyond it, web site must be innovative, personalized service. Can not do big and all, you should do small and fine,


was born after a survey of the majority of Internet users’ demands. At present, the online application website is more and more welcomed by the users, but find it very troublesome, online navigation network is mainly aimed at the online application, collected a large number of online application web site, allowing you to fix everything from online


this is the innovation, which is targeted at zai114, is the first domestic application of the online web site, we do not fully first, but online in the online application is the first network navigation, is a real No.1


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