Webmaster topics suning.com with resource card bugs

as everyone knows, suning.com as a leader in the traditional business, it also can not be overlooked in the network platform ambitions. Moreover, compared to traditional channels such as the United States, suning.com’s capital strength and the implementation of greater determination, which means that suning.com would like to achieve breakthroughs in business models is not impossible.

from the data can also see that in 2012 the scale of self B2C, suning.com market share of 13.6%, more than 6.8% of the Amazon China become the second oldest profession, although the gap between Jingdong is very obvious, but the development of two years can have such a result is good. However, there is no loophole behind the polished data, Suning’s development is obvious to all, but in the face of 10 or a few percentage points of the development bottleneck, Suning’s approach is obviously not much.

on the current situation, Suning will do the market performance while second, but want to further expand their scale, is still very difficult, because Suning can rely on another three price to win everyone’s attention, but for a network platform to win business, low price is obviously not for a long time at least in the current strategy, suning.com’s open strategy implementation is not smooth.

borrowed a friend’s words, now suning.com in addition to the advertising level of sensational and low-priced marketing, in the electricity supplier concept and no big movement. On market share, Jingdong and Taobao still carve up most of the data in the business model and growth rate, vip.com and jumei.com also suppressed the Buddha traditional electricity supplier on behalf of Suning, so awkward continues. So, for such a huge enterprise resources, money can not afford to lose the electricity supplier difficulties, and where


suning.com itself electricity supplier gene lack is a huge weakness. Although by investing a huge amount of money to remedy this, but suning.com in the electricity supplier marketing, platform optimization, communication channels, as well as the improvement of the online user experience is not good. It can be said that Su Ning now has only the advantages of traditional channels and offline advantages, for the impact of the Internet and attract, is still in a novice state. The low viscosity brought by the wild money of the earlier stage will gradually give Su Ning the entrance examination for postgraduate entrance examination, and this kind of Internet development without basis is bound to be full of challenge.

secondly, suning.com’s relatively strong performance growth did not leave behind a profound product philosophy. That is to say, suning.com did not form their own unique value, has the meaning of their own existence in other industries, department store to shop, electrical Jingdong, cosmetics to jumei.com, Suning? The consumer has no clear direction, we may say, the excessive product label makes its own brand is too simple, but at this stage in the common resources to fight and burn times, blindly seeking, seeking a broad but will increase marketing costs to a certain extent. Going for a targeted brand does not mean that companies are moving towards a narrower path of development


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