The creation of accurate site positioning, diversification, profit point

to two days before the article, when the accurate positioning of our website users and content, gather in a certain area and a certain class of users on our website, we can use the precision high value gains. This one has already been mentioned in the last article. This is still a few days ago I used to do the Henan Arts Network ( as an example.

as a model, when the combination of a certain area such as users, my site in Henan, the site of various contents and so on are to do around the Henan examinee, to visitors to the site are natural candidates in Henan, we can contact the Henan province major studio training institutions advertising, also you can do further depth cooperation promotion, we help the studio to do the promotion, write soft websites in the studio studio fees, help us to provide information on the website, increase the exposure rate, increase publicity, we are content with Money.

but that’s not much revenue. We need to add new profit point, sustainable income profit point, for example, the arts network, every year there are a vast number of students to participate in college entrance examination to enter university to art candidates, but the acceptance rate is low, there are still more than half of the students failed each year, as unite the arts website, we can contact the majority of colleges and universities help, self, adult college entrance examination enrollment, for the students to help increase a way to obtain a diploma. The regulations, a candidate is generally a little money. If the daily IP 500, the end of June each year can still pull to at least dozens of candidates have thousands of pieces of income. Of course, the premise is that the education in this province has good connections. Have sufficient resources and cooperation in studio training institutions. Wait。 Otherwise, it will be difficult for students to trust their parents, and whether they can spread their own way or not. If the relationship is not in place, lack of strength. Money earned may not be enough to run away with the money you spend. Such websites, such as local or regional, have good connections or strong funds. Otherwise, you just made it, someone saw profits, and immediately imitated, no connections, no money. Will be eaten by competition immediately. The dead.

of course, these are just patterns. Can be applied to a lot of industry stations, such as classified information, a variety of local industry station. And so on, you can use this model to increase profits. And he earns a lot of money. For ordinary websites, we can do what users need to create new profit points in our need. The same can increase our income. Web site. The content is for the user to see, not the search for the machine to see. The real user needs, users think, our website will be better, income will be more.

list a few can do industry station: garden, green, in which a lot of tricky, profits super rich. Local food introduction, property introduction (intermediary), talent information, classification information, and so on, are well paid. And don’t want to attend this kind of website network needs its own understanding of the industry, there is considerable contacts > and must


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