How to stand in the user’s point of view to do the school’s official website operations


is a website operation and management personnel, currently responsible for a public examination training school site, the main Shaanxi community this exam, I always believe that as a webmaster webmaster website Yisifumu acts as a role, we have to feed every day " " network station, provide a value for the " website; ingredients " process service for users in my opinion is very simple operation and maintenance is a heart.

good condition has caused me seriously thinking, a lot of time as managers we don’t know how to operate the site, the daily operation work as a monk bell, muddle along, in fact it is very wrong and very sad, many people believe that work is a constant operation contents and do the chain, don’t give us that Baidu ranking is not enough to adhere to their own, so always heard many webmaster in difficult times said the maximum sentence is to insist on. But it is really so? You seem to be caught in another field of ignorance, you don’t understand why your website Baidu will give you a higher weight? Why Baidu to put your site on the home page? Well, this is also the topic today and we explore the problem.

first, let’s look at my own website screenshots screenshots, I in the process of operation of the site in the station optimization I do what work? You see two red box I website screenshot marked place, where is the site of the slide show, one is the home of the hot news.


‘s first business point of view: I illustrate my first operation and maintenance argument through two diagrams, all in the mind of user service.

update material on the website I choose very carefully, because the home page is the first user eyes to focus on things, so, what kind of material to be placed in the home is very important, we are training school is of course not Wangpo saying, now for a variety of educational institutions also criticized myself by us can be heard without end. Surly service for students attitude to consider placing what kind of content, and then the above ideas, such as their WeChat Thanksgiving discourse, students Advisory scene, students training notes, pictures are powerful weapons here I use the.

second operation and maintenance point of view: do not blindly pursue quantity, through the station article value promotion website value.

said the operation optimization of the current Internet website is the most value, then, to reflect the website value through what, not just released some text can reflect the value of the site, the article must be the key to how to send, I think the content of the website is reflected in the value of the value of the data, we continue to look at the pictures,


we take the social work certificate issued in March this year as an example of our trainees


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