The benefits of food market healthy breast health net

pressure (the pressure of food), sleep well, living without the law… Hey, the girls’ life is really a lot of bad habits, do not think that young body good, breast disease more and more terrible has come: breast pain, cyst, hyperplasia, nipple or breast cancer, this is what to do? Know? According to the study found that about 1/3 of breast disease has great relationship with the diet.

in life if we can reasonable collocation diet, both the prevention of breast diseases, but also for patients with breast diseases have a certain role in adjuvant therapy! Edit special recommend the following most conducive to breast health food list, sisters, eat not only to prevent and cure diseases, more conducive to the development of milk Fang Jiankang (health food) for breast health! We should eat the food

1, soybean soybean food to improve the health of the breast. Because soy and soy processed foods contain isoflavones, which can reduce estrogen levels in women (women’s food) and reduce breast discomfort. If you eat two meals a day containing soy foods, such as tofu, soy milk, etc., will be very beneficial to the health of the breast.

2, nuts, seeds, seed foods nuts food containing lecithin (lecithin, soybean, peanut and other food), rich in protein (protein) of almonds, walnuts, sesame and so on, which contains large amounts of antioxidants, can play anti-cancer effect.

moreover, nuts and seeds can increase the body’s intake of vitamin E, while the intake of rich vitamins (vitamin food) E can make breast tissue more elastic.

3, edible fungus tremella, black fungus, letinous edodes (letinous edodes food), Hericium, Poria and other food, is a natural biological response modifiers, can enhance human immunity, strong anti-cancer effect. Studies have shown that eating more edible mushrooms for women’s breast health points.

4, kelp kelp is a large edible algae, for women, not only beauty (beauty food), hairdressing, slimming and other health (health food) role, but also adjuvant treatment of breast hyperplasia.


study found that the kelp is remission of breast hyperplasia, is because it contains a lot of iodine, can induce ovarian follicular luteinization, the endocrine disorders have been adjusted, reduce the risk of women suffering from breast hyperplasia.

5, yellow croaker, fish and seafood, turtle loach, hairtail, octopus, squid, sea cucumber, oysters and seaweed, Sargassum pallidum, rich in essential trace elements (trace elements, breast food) to protect the unique role.

6, vegetables (vegetables) vegetables and staple food reasonable collocation, not only conducive to health, if the daily diet to ensure adequate intake of vegetables, eat more tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, cauliflower, garlic (garlic food), onion, asparagus, cucumber, gourd, radish and some leafy green vegetables, very help to maintain the health of the breast.