Grassroots webmaster no desire no beg, nothing can not beg

when writing on this topic, he felt very strange, maybe when we first saw this subject, will have such a feeling, you may be confused, this is clearly the two contradictory problems, and why I want to write this? Later turned to read, but not wrong, please listen to me carefully.

I wrote this article, first of all, of course, for the webmaster, we all know that the current domestic webmaster has many, many people more or less engaged in such work. For ordinary people, do what is not difficult, but I think to be a good webmaster, it is hard to pay the price, regardless of time or energy for the webmaster, is a process of long suffering, especially want to make good webmaster website.

so, a prominent problem, what is the site of the original intention is to want to do a good job of the station, what is the purpose? I think the general webmaster, hope their site has good prospects for development, is nothing more than a few reasons:

1, general personal interests, and devote more time and energy. This kind of stationmaster does not have long-term consideration, just want to do good at present, this kind of stationmaster is for individual hobby and come, can regard this kind as fan.

2, from the beginning of the long term consideration, dedicated to the site to do as big as possible, and ultimately realize commercial operation, such Adsense is for profit from, and temporarily put this kind as entrepreneur.

3, and a kind of work is derived from the needs, it is better for enterprises and units to maintain the site, this is their work, temporarily for workers.

above three categories, probably the webmaster carried on a simple classification, their purpose is different, but the enthusiasm of the site is the same. Here, one might ask, this classification, what is my relationship with the title of the article? So I want to tell you is that I have such a classification is to pave the way for the following analysis, to better explain the "Wuyuwuqiu, can not for the truth.

has done the webmaster friend of the website all know, the growth of a website is not a short-term process, and need to go through long-term management, can achieve the final success. Whether individual enthusiasts, or entrepreneurs, or is the common sense of the workers, want their business website to a healthy and harmonious development, in every webmaster heart, there is a steelyard, a site plan, that is the traditional sense of the target location.

it’s good to have goals in mind, but it’s hard to achieve that goal. According to the general experience can be learned, achieve any goal, is a process of continuous progress, only good at every step, can smile on the last line end point. As a webmaster, in the case of great pressure every day, it is necessary to remember this truth, a hoe can not dig a mouth!


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