Method of making traffic by using thunder

uses thunder to make traffic method,

1, Download Software:

to the thunder chart to see which is popular software:

select some 100M within the hot software, download, the more the better.

2, advertising preparation and advertising preparation:

is ready to promote the page (usually your website).

in this station to send a password you are ready to use decompression password, post use hidden post function, need to reply to see, write down this password password post address.

to download the software inside advertising deleted, then the software decompression, and then compressed with a password, and then prepare a IE shortcut, shortcuts. Revise his password post address, then the compression plus password files and these shortcuts in compression.

so that their ad software is ready.

3, find a free SkyDrive upload software, choose a fast upload yourself.

4, find a more than 2000 points thunder account, Baidu search "thunder advanced account", "thunder account sharing" can be found, can not find, ask a friend, or buy one.

5, with the thunder to upload their own software to download, and then landing thunder account, behind the point after downloading the software release, fill in the relevant information software released to the thunder above, within one or two days of approval, in the thunder above can find your software.

6, repeat the above process: the more resources you upload, the greater the flow, the more income, and this income is long-term.

Dezhou free video, has hundreds of thousands of traffic from ray.

although my movie station is Baidu K, it still flows very much,



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