2013 gold partner named Sun Huo always do those things off Taobao (in)

third chapter: Taobao customers common promotion mode

in the above and everyone chatted, why choose Taobao alliance, then, and share with you the common Taobao passenger transportation gimmick.

1, opinion leader (key),


model of Taobao customer opinion leaders I personally think is long operation of Taobao off mode, even if one day in the future, Taobao does not exist, the electricity supplier does not exist, we rely on the "leader" status, can also direct and solid business cooperation, continue to run.

said simply, the opinion leader in the blog mode, recorded in a field of experience and experience, for example, the lampblack machine, you can write a similar "lampblack machine maintenance", "purchase of lampblack machine, lampblack machine, lampblack machine brand" skills "," hood common problems "and in providing value for users at the same time, recommended to the user the lampblack machine, of course, we need to stand in the user’s perspective, according to the user’s level of economy and environment, tend to recommend the brand.

to all users, remember, as long as the user said that Taobao is selling, in other words, no matter what he wants to buy, you can earn a commission, do not recommend strength of each brand to the user, so it is easy to be "up", although I have is "".

2, rebate

rebate network once popular, but currently on the market have innumerable rebate network, railway station has good transformation, in addition, according to the relevant provisions of Taobao alliance, rebate network does not have permission to cross shop settlement opportunities, some friends will ask, why the rebate network and other websites like


for this issue, although the alliance does not give a clear statement, but I guess, there may be several reasons:

A, for example, I am a user, I intend to go to Taobao to buy things, and then select the rebate network transformation, I saved some money, rebate Wangzhuan the money, but the whole process in addition to harm to business value, no other benefits for businesses, injustice, businesses discontent so, to combat the rebate network alliance.

B, I was hard to Amoy, drainage of users, the user decides to buy some goods, then he put the product to the rebate network into a circle, the rebate network to make money, but the real hero no commission.

C, I am the rebate network owners, in order to allow users to buy, I hit 15% of the rebate, after the user has purchased, with all kinds of excuses to rebate, anyway, to build a website is only hundreds of pieces, another big deal to build a domain name, so that users get the rebate network is in no way, after all, Taobao so the user will buy, dissatisfaction with the Taobao platform and Taobao business.

3, shopping guide (Purchasing)

I have a purchasing office next to high school. Someone else buys the east:


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