nsist on the need for reasons, you insist on the direction of it

Before the

article starts, let’s talk about a common example of life.

if you want to get from a to B, the bus 40 minutes between the two. There are two bus routes can be reached, the 1 bus platform is the destination, 2 bus platform from the destination 500 meters; 1 bus 15 minutes a day, 2 bus 5 minutes. Under the hot sun, you don’t want to walk more than 500 meters, you want to get off is the destination, so you wait for the number 1 bus. But the No. 2 bus passed one by one, and the No. 1 bus was still late. When you’ve been waiting for 15 minutes, are you waiting for the number 1 bus or are you going to take the number 2 bus,


life, we often encounter similar problems, is to continue to wait, or change the mentality of each person’s character is different, the final choice is certainly different. Here is not draw the final result, this example only as a starting point.

webmaster website, that is often encountered such a situation, some sites persist for a long time, but traffic is still not to visit people rarely included, PR value is not ideal, it is to continue to adhere to, or change the subject to do? Encountered similar problems, as you do? Say to ride 2 road car, or wait for bus No. 1?

we often say, insisted that victory, but if you insist on the direction of the original is wrong, it is necessary to search? Stationmaster net admin5.com on "adhere to the" article "do insist on traffic and IP still rely on the stick", "be a rich webmaster will know how to persist in the" and so on. Tell us "persevering" this truth, however, insist on before, is not to think about what is the direction and significance of persisting? Blindly insist, will not return the desired results.

What was

‘s original intention, interest or trend,


many people see a good project, at the same time, although this project will rush on like a swarm of hornets, but, in many people, the market will be saturated, "go", it will be very difficult to. You start running a website theme is out of interest, or everyone say, began to do? Choose a project not to others, his love is the most important, in the later stage, can continue to insist on the grounds. Therefore, the choice must be careful!

!Why does

persist and insist on what he wants?.

above example, choose to take the number 1 bus, in order to avoid the sun, avoid walking the distance of 500 meters, so insist on waiting for the number 1 bus. Stationmaster insists to do a certain theme website, because be fond of this theme content, and believe to be able to do it well, begin to do the road that does not stop so long. These are in the early stage of the goal, and in the later stage, persist. Think clearly why should insist, in later period, if slack off, or confused, can use this train of thought to comfort oneself


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