Analysis of the business logic behind several modes of electric business

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as an outsider, the observer, the author has been thinking about, different business model, in the end the merits, who will represent the future direction? Some surface looks "silly", what is the real logic behind the


with the increasingly clear pattern of the industry, the logic of the author’s mind gradually linked up, and finally began to have their own understanding of these problems. This article will be some of the main domestic electricity supplier model, some shallow analysis.

pure platform model (Taobao, Tmall)

In an interview with foreign media recently,

Ma said he felt sorry for his competitors because they were not on the right track. I think the pure platform model (in order to distinguish it from the other patterns below, added the "pure") should be the correct model that Ma Yun believes.

the author also believes that this is indeed the best mode of an electricity supplier, if each company can freely choose patterns. Why do you say that e-commerce has two characteristics of retail and Internet?. From the perspective of the retail industry, game player is divided into commercial real estate developers, retailers and producers three roles, retailers, producers lantern like you Changba me play, only commercial real estate developers sit back, so if you can do the real estate developers, no one is willing to do the estimation of retailers and manufacturers. From the perspective of the Internet industry, the Internet industry leader that follow the rule of 721, accounting for 70% of the market share, accounting for 20% of the second, all the other companies together accounted for 10%, therefore, a network of real estate, there is much value! Therefore, Ma Yun concluded that this is the right way.

pure platform profit model is actually very simple, service fee + transaction commission + advertising, simple and crude. Why doesn’t Taobao do it himself? It’s simple. The direct transaction costs are too high. It’s not worthwhile. It also conflicts with the interests of the platform customers, so Ma will never do it himself.

proprietary + platform model (integrated B2C, such as Jingdong, shop 1, Amazon)

represented by Jingdong B2C company, generally take a different way – starting from a vertical category B2C, lateral expansion become comprehensive B2C, then vertical expansion, provide marketplace platform service. This path can actually prove the correctness of the platform model, because the opponent’s imitation is the biggest affirmation.

in this path of change, the enterprise profit model is also changing. In the vertical category B2C stage, enterprises earn is the money, this time really is not necessarily a loss, because companies will live within our means. In the horizontal expansion stage, gameplay changed, >


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