Lazy people from three aspects to improve personal blog gold content


‘s current blog is very hot, and a little bit of light blogging is also going to kick off a new round of blog reform. In this blog development environment, independent blogs can’t be completely replaced. What is the advantage of an independent blog, that is, it gives the reader a complete idea to pass on, let others know you better, and know more about your thoughts. This is the use of mobile phones to send dozens of words of meager, it is impossible to complete. In this case, our personal blog should be valuable and good content and promotion methods are indispensable.

today is mainly about the lazy build independent blog, I think most bloggers like me, to completely reach the realm of Lu Songsong crazy blog comments, do original experience of Mou Changqing’s share is very difficult, or that you have to write an original post task every day, there will be a variety of reasons to delay. The most important thing about building a personal blog is persistence. Without persistence, it’s as anonymous as thousands of blogs. In the beginning, my blog is every day a few articles, because read many of the master of the blog, also want to be a place of their own seo blog, insist on two or three months, after a week to update a, then a month later update. No insistence is an important cause of blog obsolescence.

so, how do you build high value blogs? What’s the best way to adapt to the lazy people like us?. In several ways, we can study the value of blog, the amount of blog comments, the number of visitors and the value of blog content.

1. adds blog comments

good blogs naturally have many people’s comments, and they also prove that the article resonates with everyone. It can be found that most of the blog comments is divided into several purposes: one is the friendship you comment, message to others blog, most of their attention to the construction of the blog have visit and message, the general message is "support" "good" and so on meaningless comments; the second is to build the website many blogs, you can leave the anchor text or a direct link, the chain blog is one of the important ways to web site outside the chain, a lot of people will gather a lot of blog comments to get outside the chain; the third category is based on the contents of the article, the real comments, it can be said that such comments as we do blog desired.

how to increase blog comments, I suggest you do more blog content segmentation, if you like to travel, it is written about tourism related content, the degree of accumulation of Bowen affect your professionalism. I use the method is very simple, is to go to some of the chain, online publishing some teaching others blog comments, access to the chain of soft Wen, put your collection of some blogs and your own blog. Secondly, add articles to many articles that you think are valuable. Let others comment to get more valuable items, such as data, tools, software and so on. In return for blog reviews by added value, this method is more efficient than spending a lot of time every day commenting on other people’s blogs in exchange for mutual evaluations


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