On the occasion of the hot events marketing risk

with transparent media rights, the media can report things more and more, which led directly to the people can now learn more things, like the recent Jingzhou fishermen from ruin events, H1N1 infection in Beijing, Yantai building collapse incident events, and before the N event. A common feature of these events is that the impact is enormous and the impact of the population is very broad. Therefore, some webmaster also seize the opportunity to stare at these events, hoping to use the attention of these events, to expand their influence. For example, some of the owners of the Jingzhou fishermen incident into flash games, on their website to attract attention.

on the author’s point of view, by hot events speculation their website, there are opportunities, but also risks.

the hot events that can be fired online are generally not good. Although these events have received a great deal of attention from users, they have been similarly despised and even disliked. Like my Ji’nan second-hand housing network, this kind of hot event marketing is very careful. Stationmaster uses event to publicize his website, have following a few risks:

1. Infringement risks. The website must make some related propaganda, must use the event side’s material, for example portrait. This is the risk of infringement of the right to portrait; in addition, improper guidance of the incident may also infringe on the reputation of the parties, constitute defamation, slander.

two, moral hazard. There are many popular events, which spread through the network event description is not necessarily true, in the event itself is not clear and practical forms of publicity, ridicule spoof, may let themselves in an awkward position: you for a while others bad publicity, the results proved that they were wrong, you why campbell. The events in Jingzhou as an example, some Adsense is going to make a small game, so you can use the money to hit "from ruin" of the fishermen, but now the media has revealed the fact that the two fishermen and not from ruin, but other people’s behavior. This will be very passive, let a person feel there will be suspicion of adding insult to injury.

three, the impact of web content. In general, every web site has its areas of focus, and not every site is good for hot spots. For example, Ji’nan second-hand housing network, if published in buildings and buildings collapse event related reports, it will be very appropriate, because they are concerned about the property sector. But if a dedicated car website also borrow these two events propaganda, may feel very unusual, after all, building and vehicle span is too big. If a website does not have too much content associated with it, the value of the site falls accordingly.

said that, does not mean that the site is not an occasion of hot events, but there is a risk, then is to find a suitable occasion to the event. Otherwise, it is possible that intelligence has been mistakenly mistaken, but it has affected the development of the website. (this article first Ji’nan second-hand housing network http://s.esf.jnol.cn reprint, please retain copyright!)


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