UGC product challenges how to build a user fence


I’ve always been a reserved member of the way UGC produced content.

, no matter what time, the ability to continue to output stable content groups, will not exceed 1%. People who used to publish books belong to this group. Later blogs were born and production was reduced to space by chapters. In recent years, micro-blog was further reduced to a higher efficiency and lower production threshold. But the formula still holds, and today’s micro-blog 90% is a minority of Influencer in follow, and groups still do not have the capability to autonomously generate content. Know about hydration, we are also in mind, and foreign products such as Medium, for us, just medieval retro existence.

and picture taking applications, on the surface, seem to further lower the threshold – you can create a work just by pressing a button". Well, I think everyone will remember the pictures of life in the circle of friends and find that it’s still not easy to do well.

was born Instagram. It provides users with a "training" mode of production, fixed filter style, screen size, basic function by frame — it must be complex, otherwise it will become a Photoshop, under a certain preparation before UGC, the content of community can be steady output, Instagram the success of all obvious to people. While domestic Meitu Xiu Xiu, because the core function of filter is not high quality, from the product it has given up the direction of the community, into the beauties of tools, from the angle of product operation is worth learning case, but not in the scope of this discussion.

, I’m not denying UGC. When it is used as a carrier of information dissemination, the utility is the highest, because it emphasizes the effectiveness of the quality rather than the information itself, from 09 years to date, Twitter as a new media the role of a large number of major events live, will go to the English Peninsula television reporter Dorothy Parvas was released after 19 days in Syria and the government of Iran detained information from the London Olympic Games, to the public was impressed, just from another dimension show that Twitter is a communication tool, it can output stable content.

in view of the actual production capacity accounted for an absolute minority of this fact, so whether the developers to the production process in a more radical way of interfering users? Even if it produced content is pseudo UGC, I want to prove this product from Waterlogue this can be, and should be widely accepted as a way of.

Waterlogue is a similar and Instagram photo effect applications, in the App Store similar applications in the current top position, due to the application to charge 2.99 U.S. dollars, I first use Pin>


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