Analysis of six breast methods and the advantages and disadvantages of ‘s health network

1, essential oil massage breast

this is a commonly used method of beauty salons. The use of essential oils and massage techniques to achieve the effect of breast. This is also a safe and effective way to compare the economy.

, however, due to the intensity of each masseur, the grasp of the point is not the same, often the effect of breast enhancement is not the same, so we should choose the masseur line. At the same time, also need to be careful not to use products containing estrogen.

2, electrotherapy breast

I am afraid that the current results should be considered the weakest way of a breast. It stimulates the development of female breast tissue with weak electrical stimulation. The vibration of the body piece affixed to the chest points, stimulate the relevant points.

no what risk electrotherapy itself, but must have enough professional knowledge to achieve obvious effect, the operation is more complicated, more professional.

3, acupuncture breast enhancement

acupuncture, according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion can stimulate the glands and endocrine, the order of the pituitary hormone release, the role of the ovary, feedback activation of breast cells, promote breast development. At the same time, the blood is drained to the chest, to the breast transport nutrition, to achieve the effectiveness of breast.

this method has a certain effect, there is no risk, of course, the premise is to find the acupuncturist.

4, physical breast

is no injections, no medicine, no surgery, nor through hormone, then fully developed with its own body, to shape women’s body. Is generally used to smear and use external liniment augmentation instrument etc., rely on the suction principle of breast, breast biological waveguide through biological signal, promote breast development two.

this breast enhancement is the most healthy way of breast, but the effect is relatively slow, we must have perseverance, adhere to do so in order to have effect. Has been recognized by the medical profession, was accepted by ms..

5, diet breast

female breast fullness and daily diet has a great relationship, the breast is composed of breast and fat cells, of which 90% of fat. Many girls did not develop the chest up, a lot of protein and fat and other nutrients are not enough, resulting in flat breasts. The birth of children of women, some due to nutritional deficiencies, breast fat cell dry, dry, nutrient loss caused by breast relaxation, deformation and sagging.

With the growth of

human metabolism to speed up the speed of age, breast not long-term nutritional supplement, dry fat cells die, so the ladies to keep adequate nutrition to the body.

6, sports breast

side support soft chest chest, can make the breast upward. Exercise can improve chest sagging and so on, so we must exercise to strengthen the muscles.