Several misunderstandings in the development of local portal

in the development of long local portal site, for a long time are lonely accompany the site as their own children to take care of, in this process, there will be the emergence of a site indulgent behavior, since that such action is conducive to the growth of local portal site in fact, however, shallow knowledge, a little of obvious misunderstanding and wrong on several, please do not laugh at their master.

a misunderstanding: the development of previous experience, many sites are in love some large and high weight blog, forums, quizzes and a series of site simple answer a few words, add your website link, it really is very effective, no ground for blame, but some webmaster to the operating process is simple own, directly in the forum signature to add their own links, in the past as the effect is significant, but after the recent careful observation found that this effect is very small, the webmaster do not afraid of hard work, in the replies links the results of their clever plus than the signature of the effect is much better.

error two: content is king is not the more the better, the increase in the amount of information is a good thing, if the amount of information will increase the waste of the opposite effect, perhaps in a period of time you included increased a lot, but in the end will go on by the network search engine planning as a symbol of garbage station, it is difficult to turn over, if it is true, can help the local people to users of information, is another matter, suggest the webmaster for the release of information to set up a verification code, effectively prevent spam intrusion.

error three: exchange Links not only look at the other side of the PR value can be, as long as many owners see a PR value high site, is lost to exchange links, is my experience, this is not desirable, you should pay attention to exchange links with your industry and whether your site is consistent local portal site, the best exchange links with the local portal site, as long as the easier to get the network search engine’s favor, whether there is to pay attention to the website of the meeting included 200 pages, if a site PR value is 5, but the amount collected less than 200 pages, this site is either K, or PR hijacking and exchange links with this site is not wise. In addition, you need to pay attention to the snapshot of this station update, preferably the next day snapshot, indicating that the weight of the site is good.

error four: actually this is not verified, but raise it now, who knows if it has already been verified, you can share with you, then there is a problem Links keywords, the owners in order to improve their site keywords, when Links special remind what keywords to even as their anti ID for example, the site itself is the name: Mianyang life network, but in order to promote the "Mianyang" is the key of the rankings, will remind the webmaster in time even with anti the keyword "Mianyang" as an even their identity. This needs validation, and the individual feels very small.


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