Some advice for a friend who wants to be a personal webmaster

In recent years, with the

SEO was unusually hot, choose the site of individual stationmaster friends more and more, many people think that the site is the entry of industries is very low, do not even need to understand web technology can earn money, have joined the individual owners of the queue, but the real money people less and less, a lot of people carries the dream to join the industry, but ultimately disappointed to leave. Want to earn money through the website is by no means easy, the following to want to join the webmaster queue of friends some suggestions, hope to all can help.

1. Hobbies are very important. The site is a very tired, very complex but also very interesting, if you do love this industry because of station selection, then congratulations, you have to go on the road to success, but also need the right idea, and continue to adhere to and a bit of luck. Just think if the website is very simple, it is easy to choose this industry, you must be ready to do stand down, in fact very boring, to write articles, send the chain and repeated every day, don’t believe what the website built on what they do not use the tube, wait for the money, which is such a good thing.

two, do website is important is train of thought, want to plan the website from the angle of the user. (1) do not easily believe that a station will be able to make money, these are Huyou people. If you want to start the personal website, you should first determine your site to target customers is valuable, can solve customer problems, for example, you set up a forum for everybody to complain about house prices, prices and other social problems, it also provides a platform for users to vent, there is a certain value for users (2) good positioning of the target population, just do not want to do big station and miscellaneous, must go to the direction of the development of the fine, such as others do classified information, you want to do, then you can consider only one field, such as the only child education class. Each field has done well, promising, starting with a point, after doing fine, gradually growing.

three, do your website, insist. The site is a long-term system engineering, from the pre planning website, to post operation promotion, will involve many aspects, especially in the stage of promotion website, daily work is to write articles, send the chain, day in and day out, they say he is not very relaxed, very relaxed, not a few the rest of the station before 12 p.m., are written in the article the hair of the chain, the owners are working very hard, but looking at the site’s ranking, flow, income increase gradually, that sense of achievement is not to change anything. So, if you want to step into this business, be prepared for a long battle.

four, constantly improve themselves. If you want to become a qualified webmaster, just know how the site is not enough, a website from the pre planning, design, operation, maintenance, security server upload promotion related to the knowledge system of many, many also do stand process to remind myself to learn, continue to urge their learning new knowledge.


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