Some feelings about exchanging links

there was a time for my ranking a station, with 100 webmaster communication exchange links to every thing, at that time, my PR is 0, the results of trouble are sick, 90% of the sb station mouth said, how much you PR, I said 0, the other is proud say, my PR is 1, I don’t change with you. I’m dizzy, one by one. What do I have to say?. This phenomenon still exists. I believe that I am not alone in meeting such a problem, because there are a lot of fake PR websites in the back, and even experts come out to teach you how to distinguish fake pr. Isn’t that a sad thing? Move your own stone and drop it on your own feet!

PR is what? According to PR’s introduction, the main link is a wide range of points. GG link wide degree, in addition to the home page links, the other very deep garbage pages also get PR bonus points. This is because PR’s unit of computation is in units of pages. This is the characteristic of GG, Baidu and Baidu is not the same, the weight is the unit for the entire station! In other words, if you want to pass the Links for your website link exchange page enough points, the. The inner page doesn’t work at all. So some people try their best to raise the status of their web site, use the links inside pages to change your home page link, so that actually put your weight removed, and then exchange links to be careful,

!The main purpose of

SEO is to get higher traffic, and PR is a good thing for SEOER, which mainly does GG ranking, because GG makes PR rank in front. But PR is just something invented by GG, nothing for Baidu. There may be 10% of the traffic, mainly from GG, but 90% of the webmaster’s 80% traffic is from Baidu, especially garbage stations, but also rely on Baidu and live. I really do not understand why they are


of course, by doing a good station, slowly link, PR can reach more than 5 of the site, in general, is a better station. In Baidu also has very good weight, can and such station do friendship link, to improve the weight of your station is more good. Exchange Links, this station is enough capital to challenge the ordinary station. But those pr=< 3 does not necessarily have a good weight, if in exchange links, arrogant request each other also have the same PR, I would like to ask: what is so worthy of your pride,

?Another link to the

link is the link to the relevant site. I think the problem never is not great, of course, is the best, but if you can not find a time to so much, or your station is a new station, then please do not be so-called SEOer restrictions and fetters your stand to harm. For example, you like seafood very much, but you only have vegetables, radishes and white rice today. Are you prepared to stop eating? You deserve it!


finally say "yes" to some webmaster


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