Xu Zhaojun’s tragic experience little net why fail



source: I dark horse network

[I dark horse guidance] where the failure of the dot net, Xu Zhaojun look back, the fundamental reason is that "light blog" is a product of superego. But as success lies in, "through the entertainment sound transmission, hit people afraid of loneliness I need." How to handle products and product ID superego scale? Please see the pops founder Xu Zhaojun in the I horse network readme


since last year, I found it impossible to copy products from the PC side to the mobile internet. The biggest problem when Facebook was listed was how it moved, and later it bought Instagram. Tencent launched a WeChat, downloads quickly catch up with QQ2012. By May and June of last year, I was fully aware that the PC’s decline was like the Titanic’s entry into the water. The bow had sunk and could glide for a while, but when it really broke, it was only a flash.

I did "little", there are mobile Internet products, but did not enjoy the bonus mobile internet. The taste of mobile Internet users and the taste of PC end users are completely different. To this day, I can say for sure that you won’t have the chance to do it now when the PC Internet hasn’t been made. PC end of "gaoshuai rich" are also facing the same problem: if two or three years can not find the right points, must finish.


what is a good product? I recently read Freud’s book. The philosophical concept of the ID, the ego and the superego that he referred to also seemed to apply to the product.

such as super ego products, such as Office software, business cards, and these applications, they help you with your work and make you live better outside of your job, beyond the needs of human instinct.

really good product is to meet the needs of my own person. Large companies can do super ego products, small companies without ID type products, it is difficult to form word of mouth. The unfamiliar street success is to meet the potential desire to see the beauty of beauty, love boys need to be approached, it is part of human nature to vanity, like you buy a Porsche spend 1 million 800 thousand yuan, which may have 1 million 500 thousand yuan is spent looking for your friends.

so I do "pops", just want to make it easy and fun, not to engage in the Internet that a set of complex PC. Pops wanted to be a community on the mobile Internet, the user through the sound and picture exchange of emotions, and production of the above content. The products here are simple and powerful. They are two different things. The first generation of NOKIA was so thick that it could only satisfy the call message function, unlike the current iPhone. The products are simple and powerful. They seem contradictory, but you should pay attention to the unity of opposites. Ensure that the product is simple and the product function must be strong. WeChat and search engines are simple, but their functions are powerful. Jobs died in 2011


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