Psychology of station building how to combine psychology and websites better

a website must make the user feel comfortable and convenient, but with all of these, is it a website that combines psychology, and the answer is, of course, no. These are only part of the premise of combining psychology in a web site. To run through psychology in a website, you have to use a set of methods that belong to the mind. Here are some personal opinions.

1. What is the website of psychology


is a combination of psychology website, he is not only to meet the customer, the most important thing is to seize the hearts of customers, and guide customers, promoting greater website conversion rate, make the website visitors to become regulars, brought to the site many times consumption, and even help the propaganda website, from the heart, establish a good the website reputation and brand benefit in visitors.

two, what psychology do you need in your website for psychology?

since the combination of psychology in the website, professional analysis of natural psychology cannot do without personnel, so site personnel should have a psychological analysis of what person of the staff put forward some (personal views):

1. understands the purchasing psychology of users in the Internet field;

2. has an overall understanding of online marketing;

3. can regard websites as individuals and make web analysis and thinking from a psychological point of view;

4. can provide psychological analysis and integration of customer’s website requirements, and propose website psychology guidance.


three, the website combines psychology, what expression is there in the website


combines the psychology of the web site, is based on the original site, so that the site has a better user experience, greater conversion rate, more long-term benefits. Therefore, his performance can be reflected from these places.

below, specific talk about combining psychology, website performance,

1. users see not only visually comfortable, but also comfortable;

2. web site not only reflects the AIDA model, and allows customers to have a good buy protection, buy assured; (mainly for product sites)

3. customers for the first time after the arrival, in addition to feel content or good products, quickly put the site in mind, and two or more times access and consumption of


4. in customer psychology to form a good impression, and help word of mouth publicity!



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