ZHN attention today is equivalent to harvest tomorrow, my SEO Road

When the beginning of the 2007

is Chinese SEO (www.seocom.com.cn) the development of a relatively prosperous period, based on the graduation in the same year is the beginning of 07 learning SEO. learning any knowledge when I think most of the case is based on a kind of interest, then another objective is to SEO the company’s business development needs, we can see that the first half of 07 years from the awareness of most enterprises to network marketing will have a new understanding of the height of.

whatever you do is foreign trade or traditional enterprises, the Internet in the increasingly fierce competition in the enterprise. Customer acquisition should not only stay on the basis of previous relationships, or more is a digression.

entered, although want to talk about tonight is the road of my SEO, but I think more myself this year came to share knowledge and.08 new SEO more and more, and the exchange of knowledge is also more "occlusion".

when you realize the word SEO, to think about exactly how to change the SEO transformation? I use I learned how to change the SEO value? SEO not only stay in the so-called keyword ranking and large site traffic, I think that is more reason to invest in the conversion rate. And its purpose is to obtain a good result of.

A problem

is now more common is why Baidu not included my site? This problem has many explanations, about my personal view, Baidu has not stuck to the new sites included in the daily and update your website, it can be seen from the Baidu snapshot date can be seen. When one day when Baidu included your site you can see a snapshot of the date may be a month ago "when you launch a new station the first thing you do is to? You have learned some basic knowledge of SEO entire application to the railway station? (including H1, STORNG keywords stacking and so on), and.

when are you going to do a new time and want to let the search engines fast included, you should get rid of some SEO knowledge, put more into the essential content of the website, title to confirm your core content, update some original high quality content can be increased. At the same time you link a few relatively high correlation some friendship for the site, and then keep the site every week to update the content, so I believe that the search engine will be in a relatively short period of time included your site and have a good rankings.

called the "black hat" means: if you want to when the flow must learn to use several commonly used tools: Baidu billboard top.baidu.com; Google hot list: www.google.cn/rebang; YAHOO vane: cn.buzz.yahoo.com



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