The magic weapon of the novice veteran want soft in the end

, did you AD today? Are you soft today?


in the network, more and more soft occupation, because of the high quality of soft Wen can not only increase the site of the connection, also can let the site to get good rankings, my website is currently included in Baidu and GOOGL increased significantly and many keywords have good rankings, I think this is mostly due to the soft effect. So, how to write high quality soft? What kind of soft soft, easy to be reproduced? Today, I share with you in stationmaster net I write soft experience, please don’t laugh at me, I am a novice.

         ;     one, purpose,

What is

we write the purpose of soft? I think we all know, just beginning to write text, I always add —-" in the soft back; the source (, please retain the copyright " reproduced; however, can be kept less than 10%, it is a the number of poor, later, I put the website address of the appropriate inclusion in the soft inside, and the links are retained in the middle, so that it can reach 50% are retained, respect the fruits of their labor, it should, however, in the soft driving interests, in order to achieve the impossible.

two, Title

title in the soft like eyes, a conspicuous title can attract more visitors, so as to increase your exposure of soft in the network, such as "SEO", "novice must cheats ten Baidu ranking," skills "how to quickly improve your rankings" etc. These are reference the value of soft Wen title.

three, content

in the website, we often improve the site’s content is king, so soft, too, with a title of the party, however, the soft content to your visitors without any value or let visitors see the look seems confused, do not understand what to say, waste our time this text will have people? Not to mention was reproduced, so we write soft article, try to use plain language concise expression of what we mean by visitors to our experience temporarily. Such soft text only then has the value, only then can be reprinted more easily.

four, original

we all know that Baidu is the most original thing in love, write text, some Adsense is directly to the people of the soft copy, modify the inside of the title and URL directly released to the network. Soft Wen is the creator to spend a lot of effort to write out, we don’t talk about copyright and respect for labor, direct copy soft is very difficult by the editors, followed by even passed the audit, it is difficult to love Baidu search, not to mention to your weight, more afraid of is likely to you the inclusion inside the site


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