Where is the road ahead of the declining school code

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I began to really believe, so is the first station built in the late April. Because I was a student, so I didn’t consider what the electronic commerce industry station station "esoteric" website, just built a familiar with the campus network code point station (www.21xiaonei.cn). At that time, the campus network has been flying the station code.

repeated updates every day, and then optimization, friends chain, and so on, and finally the school network keyword to do the home page, traffic is less than 1000 per day. During the period, the campus network of personalized templates repeatedly revised edition, the former code can not be used. I recently heard that it’s going to be a tough revision: about 2 months ago, many code stations have stopped or slowly updated and even switched to the QQ code station. The winter of the school code station is really coming. I don’t know which day the station will disappear again. With the gradual improvement of the campus network profit model (purple, I want to make membership) paying members of the users will increase, we are using membership free templates that may be from the Baidu Google could not find available free of graffiti board…

, where should our code stand go? It might be easier and more promising in another direction. What do you think of it? Welcome comments,



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