Single The fear of others breast health net

has a healthy breast is every woman’s dream. Breast represents a sexy, plump, breast healthy woman more confident. But in our lives, we often do something to hurt it!

bad mood   breast followed illness

women were always melancholy and moody, trifles upset, depressed. Women often complain in the office, while men rarely complain. Bad mood and breast disease like distant relatives, little attention will affect each other. Now more and more women in the workplace, workplace stress, go home, but also to face a lot of things at home, the spirit is often in a tight state, emotional nature is not good.


study found that the pressure of bad mood will cause the female endocrine disorders, can cause cell and breast tissue changes, which would increase the risk of breast hyperplasia, breast hyperplasia is more and more serious, there is likely to develop breast cancer. Breast cancer occurs in a number of setbacks, long-term mental depression, anxiety, depression, depression, fear, sadness and other bad mood of the people. Although psychological factors can not directly cause cancer, but it is often a chronic, persistent stimulation to affect and reduce your body’s immunity, increase the incidence of breast cancer.

it can be seen that emotions are closely related to the health of our breasts. Often a bad mood, narrow-minded, motionless angry female friends to see these, we must pay attention, because these negative emotions you may well become arch-criminal you have breast disease!

so, female friends to learn to adjust bad mood, cultivate a happy lifestyle, communication, exercise is a good way to relieve stress.

single is wrong? Could hurt breast

found that the risk of breast cancer among single women was two times higher than for married women.

there are three reasons: 1.  harmonious sexual life can regulate endocrine, stimulate the secretion of female hormones, these hormones have a protective effect on the breast. 2.  female orgasm can also accelerate blood circulation, to avoid the poor blood circulation due to poor functioning of the breast. 3.  breastfeeding can not only make the child stronger, but also to maintain the patency of the breast to prevent breast disease. At the same time, the genes in the breast may be damaged cells can also smooth out of the body, thereby reducing the risk of breast cancer.

therefore, for women, do not delay the birth time, should be at the best age to give birth to the baby, which is a way to protect the breast.

protects the breast   refuses to eat high-fat foods


is now the era of thin beauty, but there are still many women can not resist the temptation of high-fat foods. Studies have shown that high fat foods will destroy the body’s endocrine environment, strengthen or extend the stimulation of estrogen on breast epithelial cells, because