CPS SEO combined monthly income of 10000 yuan is not difficult

people generally think CPC is better than CPS, and the reason is simple, as long as there is a certain IP, do CPC will have income, and doing CPS is not necessarily. Sometimes CPC earns 100 yuan, but CPS doesn’t make a penny. So most of the entertainment station friends do not have any good opinion of CPS.

, but not in any case, CPS is no better than CPC. Sometimes, in the case of very few IP, CPS works much better than CPC. This is my wise remark of an experienced person. I hope all of you help Wangzhuan road.

first of all, we must understand that CPS is to help businesses sell products or services, and products and services are industry, interest is basically regional restrictions. We can not do the station first, and then consider what kind of CPS, but can register a CPS business of formal points of the alliance, see what they have CPS project.

, for example, I chose a cell phone, a mobile phone, if they sell it, about 3%-5% commission. Still good. So I chose to be a mobile phone station.

everyone knows, no matter what the station, of course, the more IP the better, the best of these IP are good, that is, we are interested in advertising friends. Think of this, I decided to do a mobile phone category of the station, that is, the Internet can find all of the mobile phone brand collection, and then list their brand specific models. Through the collection, I found that this model is probably more than 7000 kinds, so each of my models are made of a page, the title is a specific type of name.

, considering we want to sell, so the title is called "* * mobile phone online quote, shopping guide"". No more keywords. One or two will be enough. Of course, I’ve done all these things through the program.

After the

site is ready, start linking, and soon Baidu included. On the first day, 2000IP died of joy. Three mobile phones were sold that day. Later, IP had a little over 3000, with an average of 8 handsets sold. Commissions are also more than 100. Good times, more than 200. Neither thought nor reason is difficult. The key is to practice,


well, that’s all. I have a blog, want to and digital, IT related station do friendship link. Www.dodo163.cn peas video. At the same time, when you turn off, you also want to keep the link of Tintin digital. Thank you very much,


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